opening-day-2019TIP OFF TIME FOR THE NBA

The new NBA season gets underway on Tuesday evening with a bang when the Los Angeles Clippers host the Los Angeles Lakers at 7:30 pm PST at the Staples Center, which is currently the home of both LA franchises for the time being.

Both teams have undergone some significant changes during the off season and the ‘City of Angles’ is ripe with anticipation for the games to begin.  Most famously the Lakers traded away some valuable future pieces to get big man Anthony Davis away from the New Orleans Pelicans to team up with LeBron James in hopes that the Lakers will at last achieve the necessary quality of chemistry to return the team and the franchise back to its glory days of old.

The Clippers, on the other hand, went out and recruited NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard from the Toronto Raptors as well as All Star journeyman forward Paul George to make up another dynamic duo to take on the mighty Lakers with James and Davis waiting at center court.

But the intercity big boy basketball battle began with the preseason during which the Clippers played only 3 games; and they lost all three of those games scoring only an average of 91.3 points per game, which is surely not what Head Coach Doc Rivers or owner Steve Ballmer had in mind to kick off the season.

The Lakers managed to get in 6 games during the preseason and split then 3-3 averaging 107.3 points per game, which is not bad, but which falls a bit short of the 125.6 points per game put up by the NBA leading New Orleans Pelicans, who played 5 preseason games and went undefeated, 5-0.

Tragically for the Pelicans and for basketball fans everywhere, Zion Williamson, the first round draft pick that has given the New Orleans NBA franchise such hope for the future, sat out the final game of the preseason with what he thought was just a sore knee, but ultimately the injury was a torn right lateral meniscus which has already been surgically repaired.

The very popular young Zion is expected to miss 6 to 8 weeks of the regular season but hopes to be back on the court for the Christmas NBA games.  Las Vegas oddsmakers will have fun figuring out how to adjust the lines this season.

While Paul George will be out of action for the Clippers until November with a shoulder injury, Doc Roberts still sports a formidable roster with guards Patrick Beverly and Lou Williams as well as Landry Shamet and the big center Montrezl Harrell returning.  They also have 7’7” ‘Mostar Man’ Ivica Zubac from Mostar, Bosnia to contend with who is a handful for any defender on any team anywhere.

The addition of six time NBA All Star forward/center Anthony Davis is expected to infuse new life into the sagging Lakers franchise and give the uber-talented LaBron James somebody to play with on somewhat the same level.  It should be fun for Lakers fans to watch this duo develop and surely a blast for James, who was clearly frustrated out on the court last season.

LeBron told reporters, “Opening night is great.  For me, it’s like the first day of school.”  All around the NBA there are similar sentiments going around locker rooms everywhere as professional basketball players, young and not so young, get ready to tip off yet another exciting season of blistering NBA action.

Tip Off is Tuesday evening at 5pm PST when the Raptors host the Pelicans, listed at -7, in Toronto and then at 7:30 PST with the Clippers hosting the Lakers as 3 point underdogs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.



For decades Major League Baseball’s annual World Series was the most wagered on sporting event of the year. Way before the first TV sets showed up in American homes, local bookies enjoyed unprecedented action during the World Series each year.

Instead of big screen TVs everywhere, the local pub would always have a good quality radio turned up loud so that patrons could listen to the baseball games, on which most of them had wagers with their local bookie, who was probably seated down at the end of the bar by the pay phone.

Never mind that these days it’s the Super Bowl which has taken over as the most wagered on sports event of the year, the MLB seven game World Series is still one of the greatest sporting events of the year and a huge wagering opportunity for bettors everywhere, especially for baseball fans.

Team and individual props abound on wagering menus ranging from the number of home runs hit to how many pitches that the starting pitchers will throw. The list goes on and on and bettors across the land all have their personal favorites to lay down wagers on.

The 2019 World Series will open at Minute Maid Park in Houston when the Astros host the Washington Nationals to kick off this year’s Fall Classic.  Houston begins the World Series at -235 to the Nationals +195 as a price for the whole best of seven game series.

For the opening contest on October 22, the Astros will start their ace pitcher Garrit Cole and are still favored at -200 to Washington’s +170, even with one of the toughest pitchers in the game today on in mound in Max Scherzer for the Nationals. The over and under for the first game set at 6.5 runs and with these to first class pitchers going up against some world class hitters, that bet could go either way.

The Houston Astros, fresh off of their game six walk off victory supplied off the bat of Jose Altuve in the bottom of the ninth inning over the New York Yankees, will be back home among their faithful fans to take on the Washington Nationals, who should be well rested after taking care of the St. Louis Cardinals in a four game sweep in the NCLS.

The Astros, who are probably still buzzing from their victory over the Yankees, won a franchise record 107 games this year with 55 losses while the Nationals came in as the National League Wild Card team with a record of 93-69.  On paper the Astros look like the better team, after all they were World Series Champions just year before last when they defeated the Dodgers.

So the Washington Nationals are going into the 2019 World Series as underdogs, but historically, lots of underdogs have ended up winning the World Series over teams who looked better on paper.  It’s what’s in the heart that counts, not what’s on the paper when the World Series rolls around this time of the year.

But the coveted ‘home field advantage’ also goes to the Astros by virtue of their impressive 107 games won this year so that the first two games will be played in Houston, then a day off for travel, then three games will be played at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. in a much different, outdoors and colder, environment from the enclosed park down in Texas.

If the best of four games is still not decided, the whole show will move back to Minute Maid Park in Houston to decide the final outcome and the winners of the 2019 World Series.

Bettors everywhere will have good reasons to consider betting the under seeing as the starting pitching matchups listed for the first three games will be featuring six of the best major league pitchers on the planet today.

After Sherzer and Cole go at it on Tuesday we will get Stephen Strasburg and Justin Verlander on Wednesday and then Zack Greinke vs. Partick Corbin when the series moves up to Washington D.C. on Friday.  That line up has already won 5 Cy Young Awards and is eye candy for true pitching fans.

This is looking like it has to potential to be one of the best MLB World Series in recent memory.


talladega 2TALLADEGA

NASCAR these days runs on all kinds of tracks from the half mile short tracks at Dover and Martinsville to the big two mile plus tracks at Daytona and Kansas.  But the biggest, the baddest and the most anticipated track of them all is down in Alabama at Talladega.

They have been racing, and trading paint, at Talladega for the past 50 years and the 2.66 mile tri-oval track has undergone some drastic improvements over the years; which is a good thing, because Talladega is still one of the fastest venues on the NASCAR schedule each and every year.

So much so that Talladega runs under what NASCAR calls restrictor-plate-racing. This means that all entries are restricted by a handicapper device installed on the engine of the car to restrict its top speed from being achieved.

What that works out to on race day is that all of the cars participating in the race at Talladega will be running at almost the exact same top speed, which is known to be a contributing factor in those spectacular multi car crashes we see so much of on TV.  It’s one of the major attractions of NASCAR racing.

NASCAR’s big wrecks seem to be the most interesting part of the race for the guys presenting the clips for Sports Center etc.! That’s often all we see on TV.  Thankfully the technology for protecting the drivers in these often horrific pileups has advanced to the point that it is seldom that the drivers are actually injured, even though it often seems like no one could have survived the 200 mile an hour crashing and flipping and smoking and burning mess we see on TV.

The grandstands at Talladega will hold about 80,000 avid race car fans with room for an additional 95,000 or so in the infield where campers and trailers of every description are parked for the duration of the festivities in what ends up being one huge tailgate party every year at the annual Talladega race.

The tri-oval track was built in 1969 on the site of the former Anniston Air Force Base, which is actually located in the small city of Lincoln, Alabama, just outside of Talladega by the France Family and their International Speedway Corporation. NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. wanted to fulfill his dreams of building a track for USA stock cars to compete on that was longer than the big one at Daytona, which is 2.5 miles around.

The big track at Talladega turned out to be a 2.66 miles, or 4.28 kilometers, long oval track which has become one of the mainstays of American Stock Car Racing.  It was known as the ‘Alabama International Motor Speedway’ up until 1989 when the facilities name was changed to the ‘Talladega Superspeedway’, which sounds much cooler anyway.

With its banked turns and three long straightaways, speeds of over 200 miles per hour are regularly achieved at Talladega with NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace holding the track record of over 216 mph back in 2004, before the restrictor plates were used at Talladega.

For 2019 the pole sitting favorites to win at Talladega are Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch, both listed at 9-2 going into the weekend. However, this years’ NASCR points leaders Martin Truex Jr., Brad Keselowski, Kyle Larson and Joey Logano are right on their heels at 6-1 with only six races to go in the 2019 NASCAR Playoffs.

The stakes are high at Talladega!



The Internet has become a gypsy carnival of flashes and pop-ups and predictions and promises of everything from hair restoration to increased sexual potency coming at you every time you turn the thing on. Everything is for sale and it’s almost impossible to tell the real from the fabrications anymore.

The old adage of ‘all that glitters is not gold’ is truer than ever in the 21st century so far and it is not difficult for even a diligent shopper to end up with something of a much inferior quality than what he had in mind when shopping.  This is especially true with the pay per head service industry.

Host PPH has been working with professional local bookmakers like you for almost 20 years and has maintained a reputation for service of the highest quality throughout that time.

The pay per head (PPH) business got started shortly after offshore sports books started popping up all over the Internet and in the process luring thousands of daily players away from their local bookies and sending money offshore to the big sports books offering bonuses and other frills.

In answer to the newly created need for the local bookmaker to upgrade his business in order to keep up with the online gambling sites, the pay per head industry was born out of necessity.   America was not about to lose one of its most cherished institutions, the local bookie, but the advent of the Internet and its glitz and glamour, meant that something had to be done.

What some very clever people at Host PPH came up with was a pay per head service that provides the local bookie with all the tools he needs, and more, to compete with the big sports books and still maintain his local clientele that he has taken so long to build up over the years.

For the players Host PPH works as well as they are still able to be personally in touch with their local guy and handle all payouts and collections there on a local level eliminating the need to send funds off shore and then sit around waiting for a payout when they win.

But that guy sitting at the end of the bar by the pay phone with a little black book in one hand and a roll of quarters in the other is gone forever now. Modern Host PPH agent reporting contains 29 different reports breaking down every aspect of your business and available 24/7/365 on your mobile device or home computer. There is never any need to carry around that incriminating little black book ever again.

Host PPH will take your players wagers, answer their questions and be nice to them always, however, at the end of the day, Host PPH works for you the professional bookmaker. Host PPH will help you stay organized, up to date, out of trouble, happy and in the black.  That’s what we do.

One thing of the utmost importance that a potential pay per head customer should be aware of is a company offering PPH service which also runs a sports book as well.  You players will be calling into the same call center as their regular sports book customers and be offered specials and bonuses that can lure them away for their local bookmaker.  It happens all the time.  Bookie Beware!

So, don’t take a chance with your business.  Remember, what the PPH company you contract puts up for your clients to see represents you and how you do business to them.  These days, players are looking for high quality, friendly ease of access to place their wagers with no hassles and no delays.  Provide that for them, make your payouts and collections with a smile, and they will keep coming back for more and more.

Give the folks at Host PPH at call today at 866 601 4678 and see what a really first quality pay per head service can do for you.

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