Wizards Need John Wall Back To Peak In The Playoffs

john wall washington 2017The Washington Wizards have been one of the most intriguing basketball teams this NBA season as they have been highly inconsistent.

They have been tough to figure out as they have struggled when they were expected to win and have been winning when they were expected to struggle for wins.

Even now, less than a month from the playoffs, it’s still puzzling what role they will play in the postseason. Will they be a competitive and aggressive team, will they underperform and disappoint, or will they play spoilers to a higher seed?

Much of their future, of course, depends on the return of point guard John Wall, which is still unclear if or when it will take place.

Although Wall has started doing some light practice with the team it’s unclear when exactly he’ll be cleared to return. It could be as soon as next week, but the problem is that six of Washington’s final seven games are back-to-back and the team is undecided on how to use Wall on those situations once he’s cleared to play.

A bigger issue for the Wizards will also be how to effectively reintegrate Wall to the team now that is playing a very different style of basketball compared to when he was part of it.

It’s undeniable that the Wizards need Wall to get anywhere in the postseason as he makes them better because he’s a dynamic player of elite talent.

Despite a 10-3 streak in February without Wall, Washington has proved it needs Wall as the team is now struggling. The Wizards have lost five of their last eight games and barely escaped a loss at TD Garden last night. They managed to come back and win 125-124 in double overtime despite falling behind by 20 points against the badly banged-up Celtics.

The Wizards, simply put, need Wall to return to action if they want to have any chance of success in the postseason. They need him back on the floor to become more of an up-tempo team, that although it won’t move the ball as much, will become more dynamic and versatile.

Wall is a playmaker, an All-Star talent that can change a game by himself. He gives them more options in offense and he raises their ceiling in the playoffs. His presence is vital because without him they will most likely struggle to make it past the first round, while with him it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think they could make it all the way to the conference finals.

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