Why The Cavaliers Stand No Chance Against The Warriors

cavs at warriors nba finalsThe Golden State Warriors are heavily favored over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and it’s clear why.

The difference in this series, however, is in the supporting casts. LeBron James is very good, but his basketball team is not. Which means that, despite his prodigious talents, triple-double acts of brilliance and continued 40-point outbursts, the Warriors are likely to win the title their third title in the last four years.

As these two teams clash for a fourth straight year in the NBA Finals, Golden State looks nearly unbeatable.


The Cavaliers may win one or two games in Cleveland, but they are unlikely to defeat the Warriors in Oakland as Kevin Love is not enough help for King James and the rest of the Cavs have not met expectations this postseason.

James may be able to buy this Cavaliers team a couple of wins by himself, but even despite the lack of ball movement that the Warriors have displayed this postseason they have way more talent than the Cavaliers and that alone will most likely be enough to knock out the Cavaliers.

The number of games that the Cavaliers win will depend a lot on the status of Andre Iguodala. If he is out or limited for more than one game LeBron James could carry the Cavs to a victory or two. If the Warriors are at full strength, though, it will be no contest.

And even if LeBron plays 48 minutes every night and Cleveland’s shooters are reliable all series, the Cavs are unlikely to win. Why? they lack defensive-minded perimeter players to stop Curry and company.

It’s worth pointing out that the Rockets had way better defensive players in the perimeter than Cleveland and even they could not even contain the Warriors.

The Warriors biggest enemy this year may be themselves. They don’t seem to have the same drive to destroy teams as they did in the past. They’ll come out flat in one of these games (most likely Game 4 in Cleveland if they lead 3-0) and start getting careless with the ball.

Prediction: Warriors in Five

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