Why Deandre Ayton Will Be The No. 1 Draft Pick

deandre ayton arizona wildcatsDe Andre Ayton is the top candidate to become the overall number one draft pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

The reason why he is liked by so many teams and will indeed be picked by the Phoenix Suns with the first overall is that he is a special talent that has an NBA-ready physique. He has broad shoulders, good feet movement, has a good spin and phenomenal footwork for a big man.

He has Anthony Davis’ build and length, with the offensive arsenal of Al Horford of the Celtics, plus the poise and the potential basketball IQ of San Antonio’s legend David Robinson.

He can shoot like a guard that can stretch his range right up to three-point territory and is a dominant rebounder. In other words, he has the whole offensive package to already play in the NBA.

His skills will allow him to be used in pick and rolls, dribble hand offs, floppy sets and drag screens. In the offensive side of the ball, he is like a swiss army knife with a tool for every kind of situation.

He has versatility, size and the athletic ability to become an elite level player once he polishes the few blemishes his game has.

His growth potential is on the defensive side of the ball as he can become a better shot blocker than he is. If teams draft him one overall, they will expect Ayton to play as a center and protect the rim and right now he lacks the skills to do that, but high basketball IQ will most likely allow him to develop that area of his game once he gets a feel for what is like to play in the NBA.

The Suns’ two biggest needs are at point guard and center and Ayton is the best option available at those positions. By taking Ayton they are getting a player with star quality and huge potential at the center position they can then focus on picking their point guard with the 16th overall pick, which they can use to pick a player such as Aaron Holiday

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