Why And How Markelle Fultz Could Become A Laker

markelle fultz 2018 76ersWith the Philadelphia 76ers looking to win now after their trade for Jimmy Butler, it seems like Markelle Fultz is on his way out of the team.

The Sixers are rumored to have made him available for a trade and several teams are seemingly interested including the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, a team that has not been mentioned yet as a potential suitor for the struggling point guard is the Los Angeles who are desperate to get players that can pair up with Lebron James and help them improve their roster.

It’s important to point out that the Lakers were interested in Fultz as recently as last year. They were considering selecting him in last year’s NBA’s draft, however, the Sixers nabbed him first overall, so the Lakers decided to instead take Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick.

Should the Lakers decide to trade for Fultz they would end up with the top two picks from last year’s draft in their roster, and more interestingly, at this point, he could come cheap as the Sixers are rumored to be anxious to get rid of him.

Although Fultz is not the same player he once was in college and is currently dealing with a lot of issues, he still has the potential of becoming a very good scorer and playmaker in the NBA.

He has shown the ability to get to the rim with ease and an elite first step and this is something that can’t be taught so given an opportunity to step into the right role he can continue to develop his skills and grow into a very solid point guard.

The Lakers do have a lot of guards in their roster and next year Ball and Josh Hart could be the starters unless they sign a player like Klay Thompson or Chris Middleton, which is highly unlikely.

With Kentavious Caldwell Pope likely leaving the Lakers for a bigger contract and role somewhere else, and Rajon Rondo likely looking for another big payday, the Lakers will need to bring someone else to assume the role of backup point guard and Fultz would be an ideal fit.

If Fultz fixes the shooting struggles that have been plaguing him this season, he could become a terrific sixth-man and a great playmaker off the bench. In this role, he would have free rein to be the main ball handler in the second unit and could even get to play with James on the court a few minutes per game.

If the Lakers put him in the right situation and help Fultz fix his problems, he could thrive in this role and play as much as 25 minutes per game off the bench, which would make the trade a steal for Los Angeles.

The main problem for the Lakers in trading for Fultz would be his contract, as it would take a good amount of cap space and that may hinder the Lakers chances of signing Kevin Durant in the next offseason.

If the Lakers focus is to get Durant they probably won’t pursue Fultz, but otherwise, there is a strong chance the Lakers could sign him in exchange for Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk and a couple of second-round picks in next year’s draft.

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