The White Sox Adam Dunn Leading the League in Home Runs

Adam Dunn Leading Home RunsIt’s almost impossible not to love Adam Dunn, who currently plays as first baseman, designated hitter, and outfielder for the White Sox. This player is full of little quirks—like the fact that his nickname is “Big Donkey” and the fact that, although he bats left-handed, he throws using his right hand! None of these quirks, however, can compare to one awesome little habit of his—hitting home runs! This player has hit over 300 home runs in his career, and he’s only the 123rd player in the league to have done so.

Despite his awesome home run skills, things took a disappointing turn in the White Sox’s recent game against the Blue Jays. Though Dunn was able to hit his 32nd home run of this season alone (it’s his 297th in total!), the team just couldn’t pull through in the end. They struck out a whopping 16 times. Despite the loss, it was obvious that Dunn did everything he could. Other players were at fault here; not Dunn. This is a fact that even the team’s manager, Robin Ventura, readily admitted when interviewed after the game. However, he was also quick to say, in not so many words, that home runs alone weren’t going to make them a top team. They needed something else.

Of course, Dunn enthusiasts will likely continue the debate about Dunn and the waves he is making with the 1st place Chicago White Sox. The fact that he’s recently taken off a few extra pounds and added more exercise into the mix is spurring fans on even more than usual. On the other end of the spectrum, however, Dunn detractors are quick to point out that the player has struck out 167 times this season.

No matter how you happen to feel about Dunn you have to admit that the man knows how to hit a homer!


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