Warriors Make History with 45 Victories at Home

Golden  State Warriors LogoStephen Curry Warriors beat the Michael Jordan Bulls last night and incidentally made a spectacular record in the NBA, the most consecutive victories at home. Golden State Warriors still making history. Last night, in a not all comfortable win against Orlando Magic (119-113) at the Oracle Arena mark the 45th game a home team has won in regular season beating the 44 wins record when the Bulls had Jordan.

Chicago won those 44 victories between 1995 and 1996. Now, two decades after that, this current rampaging NBA team, the basketball squad that attracts all spotlights,

has left behind this fantastic record. “Having protected our 45 regular-season games in a row is something no one has done in history, so it is a very special achievement,” Curry said after finishing the game.

Warriors has a 56-6 in the season in their struggle to overcome the record of the Bulls in regular season, they reached 72 victories. And with regard to their performance at home, Golden State is in their course with a 27-0 at the Oracle Arena, surpassed only by the impressive 30-0 from the AT&T Center for San Antonio Spurs.

Stephen Curry again became the star of the Warriors in the game against Magic. He made 41 points, 13 rebounds, 7 triples and 4 steals with good shooting percentages. He was accompanied by Klay Thompson with 27 points. Between them they put 12 triples in 24 attempts, nothing to do with the lamentable 1 of 18 in the loss to the Lakers.

When the worst team in the West won against the best team in the conference and league. The Warriors were defeated by the Lakers with 17 points to spare (112-95). The first one came to the game with 91.7% of wins and the second with 19%.

The world was upside down. the NBA was upside down. The most unexpected outcome emerged at the feet of Hollywood. And Stephen Curry sat on the bench in the final minutes with his head down and eyes closed, as if awakening from a bad dream, a nightmare. Only continue their rampage at least as the home team.

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