Vikings Emerge Victorious Against The Bears

NFLJust when the questions began to pile up as to whether Bridgewater was able to move the Vikings offense or not, the Bears came to Minnesota to dispel doubts at least for a couple of weeks, maybe even until their collapse in the playoffs. Teddy threw four touchdown passes and ran for another, missed only 3 of the 20 passes he threw in the game. With this performance, Minnesota scored a major victory in their way to grab a playoff ticket and is now 9-5 with a very clear goal.

Of course, the Vikings proved to be a better team, more prepared and focused, however they won without their usual formula. Chicago made many mistakes – especially Jay Cutler, which were exploited by Minnesota’s attack; Cutler was intercepted and fumbled in the second half and the two errors ended in 14 points for locals. The fumble came three plays after the kickoff in the second half, where the Bears surprised the Vikings with an onside kick, which was recovered for Cutler to return the favor in a sack.

We are surprised to see the Bears defense so disorganized. Last year was the worst in the NFL in almost every area in ​​the field, however Vic Fangio and John Fox remodeled the team this year and although this group has not been in a playoff-caliber, the Bears defense has been one that knows their assignments and do not mess up, but against Minnesota everything collapsed, especially in deep coverage.

The Vikings won with authority, and thus broke a streak of two straight losses that endangered their entry into the playoffs, but it is important to say that this team is the same as two weeks ago, with the same defects and weaknesses, a team that will have a lot of work to win without their running game in the playoffs, Bridgewater gave the best game of his career, but because they -gave- it to him, in the playoffs no team will give anything away.

The Bears are one of the teams who entered week 15 already eliminated from postseason, a month ago, with their victory over the Green Bay Packers team began with a 5-6 record, and revived their season, the possibilities of playing in January they were valid, but they accumulated three straight losses and showed that they have yet to reach the caliber to go to the playoffs, at least not this season.

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