Vikings Beat the Packers

NFLTeddy Bridgewater the Game Manager

Throughout the season time and time again we have found that the Vikings QB has earned the label ‘game manager’; running the offense effectively puts the ball in the hands of his playmakers and limits his mistakes. This is just a fact, because while he is well sheltered by the defense and a running game led by the RB with more yards this season, there is no problem.

This game was the perfect example of his execution and what we are accustomed to in just 19 pass attempts with 10 completions without exceeding the 100 yards and no TDs, it was a game where the defensive took the lead, which contributed with a TD, and a running game that racked up nearly 150 yards and one TD.

We saw him constantly getting rid of the ball throwing to the ground or out of the field to avoid losing yards in good stance, but what the team cannot afford is having too much on his plate and he can only do so much, as was the case in the interception play when he even wanted to throw with his left hand with the defensive hanging at his side.

We all know Aaron Rodgers is only mortal. Completing only 28 of the 44 passes he threw and staying below the 300 yards mark with one TD and one interception in this game again saw that the Packers QB has an indeed unbelievable talent, however he can not do everything (again), all the time, the game deficiencies all around him will cause his style of play to not yield the same results. Suddenly it seems he retains the ball  that much more, and he is not connecting with his receivers, in short, he is seen as a mortal QB with undeniable moments of greatness.

During the first three quarters of the game, his numbers were very poor, and close to the final stretch, just when his team started to gain the upper hand and a lot of momentum was starting to form in their favor he threw an interception in the end zone.

Even in the final series as they tried to tie the game, luck did not sway in his direction and in trying to Hail Mary, this time very well defended, and even if it had succeeded, the review would have reversed the score due to the clock already down to zero.

The success of the Vikings pass rush.

Since last week we learned that the formula to overwhelm the Packers is with pressure to Aaron Rodgers and this week the Vikings implemented the strategy flawlessly; they registered five sacks by five different players and constant pressure that forced the QB out of the pocket, the formula was completely successful, not only with the frontmen and was complemented by directing the linebackers and safeties, who contributed with the aforementioned sacks.

Besides the constant pressure and good coverage of the secondary, they forced the offensive to put their efforts into the running game – also without success – even when they were down on the scoreboard.

The failure of the Packers offensive line comes down to injuries and low level of play in the unit, have caused the attack of the Packers to not reach its full potential, we mentioned that Rodgers does not look as effective, and it is largely because the offensive line is often overcome by the defensive front; They simply have no answer to the maneuvers present in any scheme.

It is important to remember that for an efficient offensive line a determining factor is the continuity of its elements because communication and chemistry between them is vital. By having such a constant rotation, this squad does not seem to fully understand each other.

Both teams are in the playoffs, the Vikings are champions of the NFC North for the first time since 2009, and the Packers as wildcard, but the important thing is to ask the question of how far they can go. The Vikings will receive the Seahawks visit, who may be the hottest team in the NFC, so their chances of advancing to the Divisional Round are complicated. Being down in the score, could Teddy Bridgewater carry the team on his shoulders?

For their part, the Packers will visit Washington to face the winners of a weak NFC East, however, the Redskins are playing at a good level in the offense and defense. With such an obvious weakness in the Packers offensive line; what can the Packers expect when facing such an aggressive front?

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