The Pujols Effect

Albert PujolsFormer St. Louis Cardinals player Albert Pujols, known to fans and sports broadcasters everywhere as simply “The Machine”, has recently signed a massive contract worth $240million to play for the Los Angeles Angels. His impact on the Angels win/loss column will be immediate, profound and long lasting. Although the Angels have been a Mickey Mouse ball club for most of their 51 year history, hitting rock bottom in the mid-nineties as one of the worst clubs in the majors, they have surged since the turn of the century and are contending every year. With the addition of Pujols the Angels will be looking for their 2nd World Series trophy in a decade.

What’s so surprising to everyone, including us, is why in the world the St. Louis Cardinals let Albert Pujols walk away. Pujols was the heart and soul of the Cards and a key component in two world championship series out of three appearances. Before “The Machine” came on board as a rookie in 2001 the Cardinals were a team mired in mediocrity. The 90s were a complete write off, similar to the Angels, and they hadn’t been to the Big Show since 1987. The last time St. Louis won a World Series title prior to the Pujols era was in 1982, a 24 year wait! With Pujols in the line-up the Cardinals were a team to be feared ever single season as night after night, season after season they crushed the competition. So what happened? Did St. Louis get tired of winning?

Pujols is the kind of player that immediately ignites the competitive juices in his team mates. Since his rookie season “The Machine” has been clutch every single year and will continue his dominance in the years to come. Not many players are talented enough to impact a team as greatly as King Albert does, in fact with so many aging superstars and unproven up and comers, Albert Pujols stands alone as the most complete baseball player in the game today.

Look for Los Angeles Angels to make a few World Series appearances and dominate their division while they have a healthy Pujols in the line-up. As for the Cardinals; look for their players on a golf course near you.

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