Should The Lakers Be Concerned About Lonzo Ball?

lonzo ball los angeles lakersAfter a horrible performance against the Portland Trail Blazers in which he shot 0-for-2 from the floor, should the Los Angeles Lakers be concerned about Lonzo Ball being a bust?

Probably not because it’s way too early in his career and because other players had trouble shooting the ball early in their careers, i.e Jason Kidd, but one aspect that should concern the Lakers is that Ball is not attacking the basket enough, looking to at least get free throws and score points.

In the last four games Ball has shot zero free throws, so the fact that he’s showing a lack of aggression playing the game should be a legit concern for the Lakers.

To be a successful NBA player you should be willing to take the shots and learn to live with those you don’t score, but you also have to at least be aggressive enough to ask for the ball, take the risk and try to get to the basket (again, Jason Kidd constantly did that early in his career).

Lonzo has shown that he can shoot the basket; he has showed that he’s capable of shooting from the three-point line (at UCLA he averaged 41 percent), but he has not shown that he’s capable of attacking the basket constantly to get to the free throw line and score points for the Lakers. He’s instead falling back and not being aggressive enough to contribute and put points on the board one way or the other.

Even if he takes shots in practice and makes them he could still hesitate to shoot the ball during actual games, but he has to attack opposing players, he has to put them on their heels and attack the rim to get to the free-throw line.

That’s the only way he will create scoring opportunities for the team and contribute even if he’s not shooting a high percentage of shots. Until he starts to do that, then yes the Lakers should be concerned about his lack of aggression and whether he can become the player they expect him to be.



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