Sam Gordon Superstar At 9

Sam GordonWhat famous American football player has 35 touchdowns this year and also 65 tackles?  Wait a minute, 35TDs & 65 tackles?  No one could really do that in one football season, right?  Well, don’t tell 9 year old Sam Gordon from Utah. Sam has 232 rushing attempts for 1,911 yards.  That is 8.2 yards per carry!  Did I mention that Sam is only 9 years old?  Oh yea, and by the way, she is a girl playing in an all boys tackle football league!

Sam Gordon has become an Internet sensation of  late with highlight footage of her games being shown on YouTube.  When I watched the film clip my first reaction was that it was funny, then it was cute but then, Holy Cow! look at this little girl run and run and run.  She is amazing.  She is wonderful and there has never been anything like her.  It seems strange to even be talking about a little girl playing in an all boys tackle football league, but there she is and she is a national sensation.  Up until now no gal has come along with Sam’s’ degree of physicality and fearless nature.

In a video posted by her father Brent, the girl’s talent for bursting through coverage, breaking tackles and making tackles of her own will delight and amaze football fans, young and old. Both the ball and her helmet seem way too big. Then there is a section of the video in which Sam shows that she can take a hard hit and come back for more. Then she comes back on defense and has 65 tackles.

She participates in the greater Salt Lake City area’s Ute Conference in the Gremlin age group, which consists mostly of 9-year-olds. After out-testing the boys in every speed and agility drill, she was made the starting quarterback of her team, which only runs plays on the ground.  Even more impressive is the fact that this was Sam’s first year playing football. She was motivated to switch from soccer after watching BYU games with her dad and wanting to keep up with her older brother Max.

In October, eighth-grade student Amina Barrett suited up as both a linebacker and running back for her middle-school squad in Houston.  In September, Erin DiMeglio made history when she became the first female to play quarterback for a high school football team. Given her young age and limited experience, Sam Gordon shows much promise and could stand to benefit from a recent trend of female football players breaking down traditional barriers. Go Sam!

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