Peyton’s Biggest Comeback Ever!

Peyton Manning ComebackPeyton Manning found himself in a very unusual position on monday night football at halftime.  He was 24 points behind.  In his entire career in the National Football League, Manning had never been 24 points behind, ever!

Occasionally we see a team go into the locker room at half time semi beaten and then come out like gang busters for the second half action.  Remember the famous speech by Knute Rockne-“win one for the Gipper”- at Notre Dame.  Some magical transformation takes place there in the locker room and the entire spirit and outlook of the players transforms into a “We can do it” attitude and when that happens….. look out if you are on the other side.  Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers found that out on monday evening.  Peyton did what he was supposed to do. This is why he came back.  This is the reason that the Denver Broncos took a big gamble and changed the entire direction of their franchise to acquire Manning.
Peyton’s’ sixth game as a Bronco will become a monday night football classic.  Fans and analysts will be discussing this spectacular comeback for years to come.  The game also changed the landscape of the AFC West race for the time being.  Both Denver and San Diego went to 3-3 following the contest.

In the second half, a rejuvenated Manning and his improving Broncos scored 35 unanswered points to shock the Bolts, which led 24-0 at halftime. Manning completed his first 13 passes of the second half, three of which went for touchdowns. When it was all over the scoreboard read: Denver 35, San Diego 24. “You’ll see a lot of things in this league,” one longtime Denver official said in a jubilant locker room after the game. “You’ll never see anything like this again.”
According to ESPN Stats & Information, entering this game, 442 teams had led by 24 or more points in modern times.

Only three teams had ever blown such a lead the Chargers’ win probability percentage was 98.5 at halftime.  Hard to lose, but they did. “When you have Peyton, you always have a chance,” said Denver receiver Brandon Stokley, who made a remarkable leaping 21yard touchdown catch on a perfect pass from Manning, giving the Broncos a 28-24 lead for the first time in the game with 9 minutes remaining.

It took a quarterback of Peyton Manning’s caliber to pull off this kind of comeback.

After the Denver Broncos slogged through a terrible first half, Manning showed that he’s still one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and team leaders.

Manning threw three touchdown passes in the second half and completed 13 of 14 passes for 167 yards for the Broncos. It tied for the fourth-biggest regular-season comeback in NFL history. As the man said,  when you have a Manning on your side, there is always a chance for victory.  Hats off to Peyton and company!

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