Cam Newton Rookie Season Lives up to the Hype

Cam NewtonWhen Cam Newton first appeared on the NFL scene, there were a lot of questions. Who was this hotshot QB in Carolina? Cam Newton career knowledge wasn’t something that most fans had a lot of, even though this player actually had quite a long journey to the top. In fact, he began his sports journey at Westlake High School, where he was a football and basketball star. Football didn’t take first seat in Cam’s life, however, until coach Dallas Allen recognized his talent and plucked him from the detested junior-varsity team. After some brief trouble due to a broken finger, Continue Reading →

Freddie Roach: The Man Behind the Champions

Freddie RoachThe man that many of us know as Freddie Roach was actually born Frederick Steven Roach back in 1960. It would be many years before he rose to semi-fame as a professional boxer, and many more years before he really made his mark as a fine boxing trainer. He really did find his true calling with this job, and has been rewarded and celebrated for his work multiple times. Most notably, Roach was named Trainer of the Year five times, with the last time being in 2010, by the Boxing Writers Association of America. Right now, Roach is busy training several current boxing greats, including Georges St. Pierre, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Jose Benavidez, Peter Quillin, and Vanes Martirosyan. Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Mannings: Eli Vs. Peyton

Two Mannings, Eli Vs PeytonIt will forever be one of the great debates for NFL football aficionados, who is the better quarter back, Peyton or Eli Manning. While both brothers will certainly add to their already phenomenal statistics and accomplishments it is a “time will tell” question that will be debated for quite some time. Currently, however, it seems like Peyton Manning is in the twilight of his career, now suffering the effects of years of brutal hits on the gridiron. Eli Manning on the other hand has just come off his second Super Bowl win and has many years left to catch big brothers numbers. Continue Reading →

The Boston Bruins: On the Verge of Dynasty

The Boston BruinsFor the first time in a very long time, it is actually looking like the Boston Bruins have a real chance of making themselves a dynasty by winning the Stanley Cup two years in a row. This isn’t something that happens often in the hockey world, and especially not to the Bruins. In fact, their 2011 Stanley Cup championship was the first one they had won since 1972—almost forty years ago! If this win does happen for them—and a lot of diehard fans are crossing their fingers that it does—the team would become a true legend in its own right. Continue Reading →

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