Which Pitchers Have the Best Chance to Win 20 Games in 2012?

Pitchers With The Best Chance to Win 20 Games in 2012Major League Baseball has a lot of great pitchers—that’s certainly no secret. This is where the best of the best gather to show their stuff and to use their talent to take their teams to the top. However, some pitchers—even when you’re talking about the very best players in the nation—really take the cake when it comes to talent and skill. These are the pitchers that have the best shot at winning 20 games this season, and they are the ones we’re rooting for and putting our money on! Continue Reading →

The White Sox Adam Dunn Leading the League in Home Runs

Adam Dunn Leading Home RunsIt’s almost impossible not to love Adam Dunn, who currently plays as first baseman, designated hitter, and outfielder for the White Sox. This player is full of little quirks—like the fact that his nickname is “Big Donkey” and the fact that, although he bats left-handed, he throws using his right hand! None of these quirks, however, can compare to one awesome little habit of his—hitting home runs! This player has hit over 300 home runs in his career, and he’s only the 123rd player in the league to have done so. Continue Reading →

NFL’s Greatest Comebacks, Heaven and Hell for Bookies

NFL Greatest ComebacksPart of the reason that bettors and sports bookies alike love the world of sports betting so much is that it’s entirely unpredictable, which makes it very exciting. The game of football, in particular, is known for having frequent and unexpected twists and turns. This game is one that truly is never over until it’s over. Bookies can’t breathe a sigh of relief or count their money until that final whistle blows, making these games as much of a challenge for them as they are for their players. Just for fun and in celebration of this great sport, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest comebacks in all of NFL history. Relive the pain and pleasure of these games in which mountains of cash slipped oh so suddenly through the fingers of bookies and gamblers. Continue Reading →

Linsanity: Jeremy Lin’s Rise to Super Stardom

Jeremy Lin LinsanityWhile every true basketball fan knows all about (and has some kind of opinion on) the phenomenon known as “Linsanity” most don’t know that this came close to never happening. Hoopster Jeremy Lin was not set to be a star player. He wasn’t one of those players that you watch gradually rise in the ranks. Instead, he entered into the basketball world much in the same way he plays the game—with a lot of surprises and sudden twists and turns along the way. Continue Reading →

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