Oddsmakers Pull Johnny Football Off The Board

Johnny FootballJohnny Football is ‘off the board’ for the time being. Manziel is finding out that life under the microscope of fame is not all that it is cracked up to be. They just don’t let up… and Johnny has not exactly been keeping what we would call a low profile.

Now Johnny Football is under fire for reportedly taking money in exchange for signing his name to pictures, footballs and the like. To date no one has presented any actual proof that he took the money but the rumor mills are running at full capacity and speculation abounds.

In the meantime, the sportsbooks, both in Nevada and offshore, have been taking down the odds for Texas A&M for the NCAA “Games of the Year” and their odds to win the BCS Championship have been bumped up from +1200 to +1500… for now.

The Aggies had been listed with a season win total of 9.5 (Under -120) before the autograph scandal got started. If Manziel does not play for the Texas A&M this season, that total will probably drop down to 6 or 6.5 total wins for the year.

Odds on games between the Aggies and Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU will obviously be affected as well if Manziel does not play. Those game lines are not even available at this time and won’t be posted until we know how this all will turn out.

The rule in question is NCAA Bylaw and if he is found guilty of violating that rule Manziel could very well be ruled ineligible to compete in the NCAA next year.  The rule states that a player cannot accept compensation in excess of $1000.

LVH manager Ed Salmons told the press, “It’s hard to believe that he could be this dumb”… and there are many fans who are hoping that ‘it just ain’t so’.

Jimmy Vaccaro, veteran Las Vegas handicapper and spokesman for William Hill Sportsbooks in Nevada said that Manziel is probably worth about six points to the Aggies’ spreads… that’s a whole touchdown.

Johnny Manziel was the first freshman in the history of the award to win the Heisman trophy and we can expect to see the odds on him to repeat that feat on the move… depending on how this all works out.

Whatever happens, there will be a lot of very disappointed sports fans if Johnny Football does not take the field this season with the Aggies.

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