NFL Teams Benefited With New Injured Reserve Rules

New Injured Reserve RuleThis past Wednesday it was announced that the new collective bargaining agreement proposed by the NFL and NFLPA was finally approved, considerably altering the rules regarding injured reserve and shift the trade deadline to week 8 instead of week 6. This is considered a major change for competing teams looking to rise up talent from teams interested in finding fresh environments for crestfallen stars and to off-loading contracts they no longer find necessary.

This rule has been mostly accepted by the league; unfortunately the same thing can’t be said about the injured reserve rules that have also been presented this week, mostly because of their potential to change the landscape of the NFL completely.

To put things on perspective, before the application of these rules any player who was put on IR was lost for the entirety of the season. However, when these set of laws take place, if a player is put on Injured Reserve (IR) after September 4th, that player will be able to return to activity just after eight weeks from the IR designation. Another interesting change is that player must be on the IRL list for six weeks at least and must be designated to return at the time of the IR classification.  This basically means that now teams must anticipate a player’s ability to return mid-season, instead of wishing their players recover in time.

Some of the teams that might benefit from this new set of rules are the Green Bay Packers, whose linebacker Desmond Bishop returned to the field late in the season. Similar cases are Kyle Cook from the Cincinnati Bengals and James Carpenter from the Seattle Seahawks. Another case that comes to mind is of New York Giants Michael Coe, who has openly manifested his support to this initiative.

So far, the overall response to these proposed measures has been great among both directives and players. The idea of having players available without having them out for a whole season will definitively change the whole panorama for the league, hopefully in a very good way.

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