NBA Off Season Winners

NBA Offseason WinnersIf we have learnt something from the NBA is that everything changes on the league, and it changes really fast. With all this movement going on, a very different looking depth charts have taken shape, making it easier to predict the team that will lead the way to the 2012-2013 championship. So, with no further ado, here are the winners of the past offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers

This comes as no surprise to anyone. They just added one of the top point guards and the best center in the NBA. One would possibly consider this as their biggest move; however it’s also noticeable who they decided to keep around. For instance, they traded Dwight Howard without having to let go of Pau Gasol.

Brooklyn Nets

Although they might not have gotten Howard, their consolation prizes are still pretty darn good. Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, and Brook Lopez were all re-signed while Joe Johnson was signed on, convincing their point guard and star, Deron Williams to stay on the team. Other valuable pieces such as Reggie Evans, Jerry Stack house and Mirza Teletovic were also brought on board, and with all of these new sign ons, we are waiting for quite a debut for the Nets.

New Orleans Hornets

The reason why they were added to this list is the addition of Anthony Davis, an essential piece if they want to start dominating in this year’s tournament. They also grabbed Austin Rivers, Ryan Anderson and Haking Warrick. However, their most noticeable move was to match the offer and lock one of the best shooting guards in the league, Anthony Davis.

Philadelphia 76ers

Losing Andre Iguodala, Jodie Meeks and Lou Williams didn’t look too promising for the 76ers. However in order to make up for those departures they signed-on Nick Young, Jason Richardson, Kwame Brown and Dorel Wright. However, their biggest acquisition has to be Andrew Bynum. Hopefully, Bynum will embrace his role as centerpiece of the team and give other favorites a run for their money.



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