Kyrie Irving Out For The Rest Of The Season And Playoffs

kyrie irving boston celtics nbaCeltics point guard Kyrie Irving has been ruled out for the rest of the season and the playoffs further hampering any hopes the Celtics had of embarking on a deep playoff run as they don’t have enough weapons to beat teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors now.

Irving had a minimally invasive knee procedure on March 24 to remove a wire mesh that was planted there when he had patellar surgery back in 2015, but what the doctors found during that procedure is that two screws that were in the knee also had caused a bacterial infection.

As a result, now the doctors need to go back and remove those screws from his knee and that surgery, which is more invasive, will cause Irving to miss the next four to five months.

Irving will need a lot of resting time, rehabilitation and physical training afterward, thus he and his doctors have decided to let the Celtics know that his season is over.

This is, without doubt, a devastating blow to the Celtics, who despite clinching the second spot in the East, must deal with another season-ending injury and see their hopes of winning the conference championship and making the NBA Finals dashed.

Although Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has done a fantastic job managing his team injuries and leading this team to the second place in the East, the Celtics right now could have trouble defeating teams like the Washington Wizards, the Milwaukee Bucks, and even the Miami Heat in the first round.

The Celtics have played well without Irving the past couple of weeks in the regular season, but in the playoffs team their best players so this injury makes their path in the playoffs a lot more difficult.

The Celtics have been badly hit by the injury bug this season as they have dealt all season long with injuries to key players such as Marcus Smart (could return for the second round of the playoffs), Gordon Hayward and Daniel Theis (both out for the season).

Since Irving went down the Celtics have also seen Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Marcus Morris miss time with a myriad of injuries.


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