Key Salary Decisions Loom For the Dolphins Before Free Agency

jarvis landry dolphins 2017Sources close to the organization and familiar with the situation are saying that the Miami Dolphins are going to seriously explore trading Jarvis Landry.

The problem is that this won’t be a simple situation for the Dolphins because Landry has already been franchise tagged for $16.2 million and sign-and-trade deals don’t happen very often.

They’re also asking Landry where he would like to play and some of the teams that might come up could be the Tennessee Titans, the Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys, the New Orleans Saints, the Carolina Panthers, the Oakland Raiders and the Arizona Cardinals.

They key here is that Landry has to be comfortable signing and being traded to any particular team and then they would have to work out what the compensation will be with the team before Landry’s agents can work out what he considers fair compensation.

It’s definitely not something easy to accomplish and that’s why it doesn’t happen often in the NFL. In fact, since 1993 only three wide receivers have been tagged and traded: Rob Moore (1995), Joey Galloway (2000) and Peerless Price (2003). The last player in the league to be tagged and traded was Matt Cassel in 2009.

Ndamukong Suh’s future is also giving headaches to the Dolphins as they consider what to do with the five-time Pro Bowler.

Even though they could save money by parting ways with the veteran defensive tackle, right now everyone in the organization would love to keep him and are inclined to work towards accomplishing that.

They understand that Suh’s the type of player that they need to be adding to the Dolphins, not getting rid of. The problem is that he would cost $26 million in cap space this season and that seems quite unreasonable for a defensive tackle, so the Dolphins will most likely try to talk to Suh and convince him to restructure his deal because they need to move some money around to give them a little more cap flexibility.

At the quarterback position, the Dolphins have to find out whether Ryan Tannehill will be ready to come back and be the starter next year after suffering a season ACL injury in August that required surgery and forced him to miss the entire season.

It’s clear that if he’s healthy he’s going to be the starting quarterback. Head coach Adam Gase is a huge advocate and has a big admiration for Tannehill. Gase said recently that he considers him the starter and he doesn’t see that changing anytime soon.

Gase’s admiration for Tannehill is easy to understand as he has a coaching record of 8-5 with him as the signal caller and a record of 8-12 with someone else under center for the Dolphins.

Tannehill is expected to be fully recovered before the end of the spring and if he doesn’t suffer any setbacks during the preseason he will be the starter coming next September.

Miami will anyway look to sign another quarterback just in case through the draft or free agency, but even if the Dolphins do this, Tannehill’s job will be safe. Especially if they choose a quarterback with the 11th overall pick in the draft because it will most likely be a player that needs to develop and sit for a while before taking over.

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