How Milos Teodosic Makes The Clippers A Better Team

milos teodosic los angeles clippersThe Los Angeles Clippers (17-19) are currently on a four-game winning streak going into today’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder and it’s undeniable that a big part of their resurgence has been the playing of point guard Milos Teodosic.

The Clippers have been getting players back from injury, but their biggest boost was provided when power forward Blake Griffin and Teodosic came back to action.

Griffin is obviously a great player and his return provides the team with a go-to scorer and a playmaking option, but it would be foolish to understate the importance of Teodosic coming back.

On the season the Clippers are 9-3 with the Serbian point guard playing, while they are 8-16 without him. This means that the Clippers are a 75 percent winning team with Teodosic, and a 33 percent winning team without him.

A big reason behind the Clippers losing without Griffin and Teodosic is because they didn’t have a true point guard to run the offense and move the ball and a playmaker to score consistently.

Without these two guys the team’s ball movement fell dramatically as they were already also dealing with the absence of guard Patrick Beverley, who has been ruled out for the season.

As a result, the Clippers had to depend on isolation plays that came from Lou Williams and Austin Rivers, and while those players are solid scorers no team can depend on iso-ball scoring to compete in the NBA.

Now with Teodosic and his amazing passing back, the Clippers offense has regained its ball movement. Teodosic’s return to the point guard spot allows other players on the team to return to their natural positions. This includes Williams who goes back to his sixth-man spot to solidify a Clippers second unit that proved to be pretty weak without him.

Teodisic’s passing has also opened up more scoring opportunities for Griffin and DeAndre Jordan as they take advantage of the Serbian’s tremendous court vision and superb passing skills, which lead to easy baskets.

While Teodosic’s shooting has been far from spectacular that can be blamed on the injury problems he’s had. He’s still probably a little rusty and is still getting used to the NBA game as this is after all his first year in the league.

Teodosic’s shooting 31 percent from three-point land, but the amount of shots he takes per game forces opponents to guard outside and leads to better spacing and open lanes for guys like Rivers and Griffin to drive in and score, or instead pass it to the open guy in the perimeter.

With all these assets and his many skills Teodisic has proved to be the key to the Clippers continued winning. As long as he stays healthy the Clippers can climb up the ranking a compete for a playoff spot.










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