Grin & Bear It!

Chicago BearsNo one expected the Chicago Bears to be leading the NFC North at this point in the season.  The Bears are 7-1, losing only to Green Bay early on, and are now riding a six game winning streak.  Bears fans have long been known as loyal bordering on fanatical so, when the game was within easy driving distance they loaded up for a road trip and headed to Nashville to watch their team take on the Titans.  Well, the Bears blew out the Titans 52-20. In keeping with a long standing Chicago tradition, the traveling Bear fans then proceeded to try to drink up all of the beer in Nashville.  Bears head coach Lovie Smith marveled at the number of fans who made the trip south for Sunday’s win. He called LP Field in Nashville “Soldier Field South” due to the large contingent of Bears fans.

Estimations had the number of blue and orange-clad Bears fans in the stands at more than 50 percent. It’s been like that for every one of the Bears road games this year from Dallas to Jacksonville and Nashville too.  The most impressive thing about Sunday’s game is how many Bears fans were in attendance. It sounds like they took the stadium over with “let’s go Bears” chants.

After the game, Bears’ fans took over the City of Nashville and prompted headlines such as “Bears Fans Drank All of the Beer in Nashville”.  Now, that is quite a feat, but if any fans can do it, it would be the Bears fans.

Chicago fans at the Nashville Airport on Monday laughed at the number of saloons they left dry. A team like the Bears that has such a storied franchise, typically travels well and this past week was a prime example. Also in Bear News this week:

Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms of Showtime’s Inside the NFL corralled Jay Cutler for an interview, and naturally they talked about the Bears quarterback’s recent appearances in the news.  Cutler actually came out of the interview looking pretty good and showing more personality that most people give him credit for.  As for his now infamous in game tiffs, Cutler says, “It’s a passionate game. There are a lot of emotions flying out there. We’re not always going to agree. But we’re all in it together. And we’re all trying to achieve the same goal. We get into it a little bit, but five seconds or 10 seconds later, we’re back working together.”  Go Bears!

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