Freddie Roach: The Man Behind the Champions

Freddie RoachThe man that many of us know as Freddie Roach was actually born Frederick Steven Roach back in 1960. It would be many years before he rose to semi-fame as a professional boxer, and many more years before he really made his mark as a fine boxing trainer. He really did find his true calling with this job, and has been rewarded and celebrated for his work multiple times. Most notably, Roach was named Trainer of the Year five times, with the last time being in 2010, by the Boxing Writers Association of America. Right now, Roach is busy training several current boxing greats, including Georges St. Pierre, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Jose Benavidez, Peter Quillin, and Vanes Martirosyan.

Before Freddie Roach was ever a trainer, he was, of course, a trainee. His trainer was Tariq Nasiri, a coach who also worked with Roach’s two brothers, Joey and Pepper. While Roach did enjoy some success in the New England Amateur ranks and in the AAU, he never made it as a true boxing legend. He did, however, manage to go pro in the late 70s, and eventually trained with Eddie Futch, a great coach of his time. His career, however, was sadly cut short by a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Though Roach tried to fight against the disease and continue boxing, it eventually began to affect his hand eye co-ordination, causing him to retire early and take up coaching.

The boxing world, though saddened by his illness, is certainly grateful that Freddie Roach took up training. He has been able to coach many seemingly hopeless boxers to success, and is known for his tough but kind nature when it comes to training. Currently, many boxers are vying for training spots with Roach, though they are understandably hard to come by.

At the present time, Freddie Roach is the proud owner of The Wild Card Boxing Club and Gym, located in Los Angeles, California. He works at the club with his boxer brother pepper and has quite the track record. He is well known for having trained Oscar de La Hoya and for leading Virgil Hill to the world championship. Since that time, Roach is proud to have trained twenty-seven world champions. Roach is the hottest boxing trainer in the sports today and the most sought after by would be champions.


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