Formula 1 Drivers Call For Old Framework To Return

Formula 1The terrible accident that Fernando Alonso was involved in the exciting race in Melbourne was lowered overall by the prompting timed new format that was launched at the premiere of this championship. This variant was initially designed for the spectators and towards the spectacular and showmanship of the sport but was a major fiasco that received negative responses everywhere.

Pending that both sides agree, to back off and probably rescued the traditional system, the drivers Association (GPDA) issued a letter on Wednesday in which they showed their deep disappointment with the current framework.

In the statement, signed by Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and former Austrian runner, Alex Wurth, representing the entire grid, the GPDA addresses both promoters followers and fans, asking for a general rethinking at all levels, starting with the governing bodies. The emergence of pay-TV and the fall of audiences in recent years has been combined with the low influx of public  for the temples of speed. According to the main protagonists of this racket, this set of circumstances oblige to make a general reflection to bring drastic changes.

“The difficult global economic environment is a challenge for Formula 1 and a change in behavior in the consumer and fan, also a turning point in the field of television and media. This makes it essential that sports leaders make intelligent and well considered decisions”, reads the letter.

“We feel that the recent change of rules, both the sporting aspect and technique, plus some business decisions that have been taken, are disturbing, do not face the great problems of our sport and in some cases could put in danger the sport future success, “continues the note. “So the drivers have come to the conclusion that the decision-making process has become obsolete and is sick. In fact, it may even lead to the opposite end that is sought” adds the GPDA.

“We would ask all owners and shareholders of the F-1 to consider restructuring their own governing group. Future directions and decisions of the F-1, whether short or long term, sporting, technical or business should be based on a clear master plan. That plan should reflect the principles and values ​​of the whole ” demands the organization, before pointing out that this is not a” blind and disrespectful ” attack and that is made with the best of intentions.

At a meeting held in Melbourne, the leaders of the Formula 1 teams unanimously decided to forget about the new classification system and return to the one used in recent years. The measure must still pass the filters of the International Federation, which was also at the meeting and especially to receive the approval of the World Motor Sport Council, but this is considered a mere formality to be held in the coming days

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