Elway Deserves Blame For Denver Broncos’ Woes

john elway denver broncos gmAfter winning their first two games for the sixth straight year, the Denver Broncos sit at 2-4 after losing four in a row.

As the NFL enters week 7, it seems that everyone on the team is on the hot seat except perhaps the one guy who’s ultimately responsible for Denver’s football operations, John Elway.

For everything that Elway accomplished during the Payton Manning era, since Super Bowl 50 the Broncos GM has made virtually the wrong decision on every pivotal call the team has faced.

His questionable decisions include choosing to draft Paxton Lynch in round 1 of the 2016 NFL draft in the wake of Manning’s retirement and Brock Osweiler’s defection to the Houston Texans.

But Elway’s not only made questionable drafting decisions. He’s also erred with key personnel choices

Hiring head coach Vance Joseph is also looking like a mistake, especially when considering that Kyle Shanahan interviewed with the Broncos. Although he hasn’t fared well in San Francisco without a viable quarterback, Shanahan would’ve probably made a better choice given his NFL experience and Denver’s needs.

Elway also completely missed the boat on Sean McVay, who wasn’t even on Denver’s radar, even though he’s was one of the most coveted candidates and is now considered the crown jewel of the 2017 head coaching carousel.

Elway also decided not to renew the contract of defensive coordinator Wade Philips in order to promote Joe Woods.

But the biggest mistake of all is undoubtedly his decision to sign quarterback Case Keenum to a two-year $36 million contract with $25 million guaranteed, who has been a huge disappointment through Denver’s first six games.

No question Vance Joseph has failed dramatically to deliver good results as his 7-15 record indicates, but honestly, Elway hasn’t made his job any easier with his decisions at the helm of the organization.

Understandably fans want to blame the coach and the new quarterback, but Elway definitely deserves his share of the blame for Denver’s continuing problems.




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