Could This be the Year The Superbowl is Replaced By The Manning Bowl?

Peyton Manning ComebackIt has been talked about in the past by both bettors and sports bookies as far back as when Peyton manning was with the Colts but it never came to be. But this year we might actually have a legitimate chance to have a front row seat to witness brother versus brother in the Manning bowl!

Half way through the 2012 NFL season Peyton Manning seems to have his Denver Broncos clicking on all cylinders. At 4 & 3 and currently in 1st place within the AFC West the Broncos won the last two games in dramatic fashion.  Peyton put on clinic with a recording breaking performance with an exciting come from behind win over the San Diego Chargers who were leading at half time 24-0. Next in line Peyton and the Broncos absolutely man handled Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints with a convincing 34 to 14 win that was never in any doubt as the easily covered the spread as a 6.5 point favorite.

Looking ahead over the next 7 games the Denver Broncos schedule softens up quite a bit and stays soft until December 16th, they meet the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore. By then experts and sharp bookmakers alike are saying that the Broncos should have a hefty lead within the AFC West to position themselves for a strong playoff run. The Denver Broncos team is really coming together and Peyton has quickly taken charge and has earned the respect of his new team mates as well as the betting public and is becoming that solid field general that fans & bettors have come to love and count on!

On the other side of the coin Eli Manning and defending Superbowl champion New York Giants are off to a great start and once again on their way to strong season. Halfway through the 2012 NFL season the New York Giants sit atop the NFC East at 6 & 2 winning 4 in a row.  The Giants football schedule actually gets a bit tougher over the next six weeks facing teams winning teams like Pittsburg, Green Bay, Atlanta and Baltimore but they do have a 3 game cushion within their division. Eli is at the top of his game and currently sits at the number 3 quarterback in the NFL ahead of brother Peyton who resides in 5th best. The New York Giants are currently the # 2 NFL team in passing the Broncos are # 6th. Defensively statistics wise Denver currently has the edge but we also have a long season ahead of us.

Both teams are getting stronger and barring any major injuries to either or and key players who knows this could be the year where the stars line up and we can finally put to rest the lingering question of “who is the better Manning”?

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