Clippers Lou Williams Has Taken His Game To The Next Level

lou williams los angeles clippers Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Lou Williams is what NBA people call a professional scorer as he can score at wide angles, he can take the ball off the dribble and get his buckets no matter what.

He can be open or guarded, falling, fading or floating, but he will find a way to get the ball to the hoop in any kind of situation. Williams has spent the last decade playing for several different teams, but he’s reaching a career peak right now, in his 30s with the Clippers as the team has placed him in an ideal situation to thrive.

To score points in basketball players can generate easy shots or hit difficult shots and Williams is a master of doing it the hard way.

He’s smaller than your typical shooting guard, but he’s really slippery. Because of that, he needs only a sliver of space to release his lethal jumper as he can masterfully twist to separate from defenders. As soon as he finds daylight he attacks with his unusual signature move.

Williams is right-handed, but he’s deadliest with the jumper fading to his left as he’s able to sink ridiculous shots.

Williams also benefits from the Clippers big men, who provide him the perfect obstacle in which to shed defenders. All Williams needs is to create friction between defender and screener to open a momentary gap to uncork his shot. He can get that friction by dribbling around a pick, or by receiving the ball in tight handoff.

In a season where a lot of teammates have been lost to injury and traded he’s been able to come off the bench to provide scoring bursts.

Defenders know they have to guard Williams tight, but he has patience and a tantalizing jab step to make sure they get devoured by the screen while he turns the other corner and sinks the money shot.

His versatility gives him more than one way to escape pressure situations. If the defenders deny his beloved left hand he will take it to the rim with his right, while his vision allows him to find his teammates cutting to the basket when defenders decide to smother his face. If defenders converge to contain one of his shots, he finds the guys penetrating the paint or waiting under the basket.

All those skills make life easier for Williams who’s reaching a new level as he’s producing like an All-Star for the Clippers.

To see Williams displaying all of his talents tune in Saturday to TNT for the 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles where he will take part in the NBA Skills Challenge this weekend.

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