Broncos Beat Raiders

NFLIt is well known that Peyton Manning has not had a good start for the season, and the offensive line -although with holes because of injuries- was not designed to protect a pocket passer into slide sideways giving the quarterback opportunity to throw in motion. This was put to good use by the Oakland’s defense blitzes on Manning constantly sending him to launch hastily or get the sack when the quarterback felt the defensive was close. Thanks to this strategy Charles Woodson got a pair of interceptions, including one in the end zone by the end of the first half.

Again, the Broncos defense managed to not only stop the opponent’s offensive but contribute points and secure the victory at the end of the match. Despite suffering the absence of injured DeMarcus Ware for most of the game, they managed to do important plays in order to help maintain the perfect pace in the season so far. Although in the end they managed it , they have committed other costly errors, some that Packers and Patriots offensive could have taken advantage and turn them into points. Not everything is perfect with this squad just a matter for resolution by Wade Phillips.

While one of Manning’s interceptions prevented Broncos getting more points points, the Raiders got nothing from the mistakes of Denver. Instead Broncos got Derek Carr’s error to be noticed on the scoreboard with Chris Harris interception. No doubt the Oakland team has improved from previous campaigns, leaving Denver’s offense without a touchdown, which would have been unlikely a few years ago, but it was not enough.

Sebastian Janikowski had two missed field goals in the match, remember he used to be one of the best kickers in the league. The first was poor execution while kicking too low, left the ball within reach of most hands from the Denver squad. The second of them, the kick way to his left to end the match, his team lost by six points. In a year where we have seen many kickers fail, it would not surprise anyone if Janikowski is cut from the team if he continues like this.

Between Shaquil Barrett and rookie Shane Ray did a good job before DeMarcus Ware injury, they got the pressure on Derek Carr on many occasions. It is true that Von Miller attracted more double coverage but there were plays where Miller rested, Barrett and Ray made it as though apparently nothing had changed. Looks like the Broncos pass rushing can be maintained at a good level and much of the success of the defense is thanks to Phillips in a large manner.

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