Bengals Victory over Bills

NFLAndy Dalton is unstoppable and on a level that few imagined, and in a very physical and entertaining match gave the Bengals the victory over the Bills at home, becoming one of the most complete teams in the league.

Andy Dalton was able to handle any kind of situation: coming back from almost lost games, driving winning matches for the close, make big plays when his team needs him and to be the leader the Bengals expected. With 1,761 yards, 14 touchdowns and only two interceptions in six games. In the game against Bills, he amassed 243 yards and 3 touchdowns, carrying his team from an initial disadvantage and completing several major passes. He has also learned to use several offensive weapons and not just focus on AJ Green, skill he lacked at the beginning of his career and that characterize many major NFL quarterbacks. His development is remarkable.

Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard can form a pair of runners who sometimes frustrate many players of fantasy football, but together they are the most interesting pair of runners in the real football. Hill was getting the Bills’ defense gradually tired since each carry these players spend a lot of contact and always went forward, achieving 56 yards on 10 carries. Also, Bernard manages to pull yards with dynamic, fast and deceptive moves, and caught a long pass or run can change the course of any match.

Manuel will be, at most, a replacement of a quarterback, he lacks precision and when he needs to take his team forward he makes plays as the disastrous interception that was launched in such a close game, risking the ball longer than necessary on a long pass to Sammy Watkins. 42 pass attempts, he managed to get only 263 yards.

The Bills need a -two or three years ago- LeSean McCoy , and we think they had some signs that  might be sooner than expected. McCoy, coming off a major injury, could begin to recover its dynamism, speed and good cuts, and we know how the team needs a key player like that. With an impressive average of 5.3 yards per carry, LeSean returned to the field to make his mark.

The picture of Ryan on their teams has always been the defensive domination, and with a stellar roster has not been able to shake things up this year. They have had a lot of injuries, but still have to progress even more. Unable to limit the Bengals, plus the defensive game plan failed to attack the strengths of Cincinnati. Rex has to invest more ideas and analysis to attack the weaknesses of their opponents.

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