Arizona Cardinals Dominated Green Bay Packers

Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals reinforced their position as the best team in the NFL and completely dismantle the Packers 38-8 and are now just a game to go to have all the advantage in the NFC.

The Cardinals concocted the perfect storm. Carolina not only lost, but Arizona managed to prevail without any problems against Green Bay. Arizona is the best team in the NFL right now. They have no weak point (They adapted perfectly to Tyrann Mathieu´s injury), have a great QB and, above all, this team has enough talent to overcome several injuries. Arizona must be the favorite to reach the Super Bowl 50 even without the advantage of playing all home games.

One of the reasons why you have to put the Cardinals as a danger squad is their pass rush. Against the Packers they had 8 sacks (Green Bay offensive line is not the best in the league) and Dwight Freeney appears to have gone 10 years back in time, when he was a dominating pass rusher. The advantage they have is that the Cardinals have a sufficient level of talent to rotate their defensive line and constant pressure to the rival QB, something to reinforce the theory that they are the best team in the NFL.

It seems that we forgot that this team started the season with a 6-0. From there went to a 5-5 record and their offense is just not working. Aaron Rodgers has gone from being one of best QB to an average guy, his defense simply does not have the level to compete with the best in the league and it shows that there is no predetermined strategy in their game. The Packers will play against Minnesota on Sunday for the division and it appears that they will not get much action in the postseason.

When healthy, Carson Palmer is one of the best QB in the NFL. He and Bruce Arians are destroying the NFL and there is no better offense in the league than Arizona. Palmer is playing so well that he has made regular players like John Brown and Michael Floyd a constant threat, besides reviving the career of Larry Fitzgerald. It is true that they have no element in the running game as Cam Newton, but this QB is the most consistent in the NFL

The Cardinals can be considered a retro or vintage team. They have at least three players with more than 10 years in the league who are still playing at a high level such as Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwight Freeney. Also out there we had Lamarr Woodley and although Chris Johnson is out for the season was also an “oldie” element. The key has been to bring these veterans with young talent and the great coaching input from Bruce Arians.

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