Amazing Super Bowl Records

Super Bowl LogoThe following records are not listed from best to worst, just the most important and / or incredible that we have witnessed in 49 years of Super Bowls.

-The First record we should mention and a hard one to achieve is that of Charles Hayley, who won five Super Bowls (XXIII, XXIV San Francisco XXVII, XVIII, XXX with Dallas) and lucky enough to play with two teams who later became dynasties in the league.

-Tom Brady already has many franchise records and around the NFL, some may be broken but  others are not even close, today no one is even near to playing six Super Bowl games as a starter, and for Brady adding another record to his list before retirement is very probable.

-For Many the best player in the entire NFL history and it is for records like this that Jerry Rice commonly receive this title. Throughout his career, Rice was able to score 48 points, the most in the history of the Super Bowl, there are eight touchdowns, very difficult to repeat.

-The great performances in Super Bowls are many, but there are also those who did horrible, those who played so bad that so far no one has played so poorly in 49 Super Bowls, one example is the rating Ben Roethlisberger had in the Super Bowl XL, 22.6 and he still won.

-Steve Young in Super Bowl XXIX against the San Diego Chargers is for many the best performance by a quarterback in the history of Super Bowls and is difficult to contradict, his six touchdowns are a record, one that looks very difficult to break anytime soon.

-To be the best player ever in the NFL deserves o be here more than once, Jerry Rice played four NFL titles, achieving 604 total yards, another Super Bowl record.

-For Many the name Rod Martin does not ring a bell, but what he did in the Super Bowl XV is something no one else has achieved and perhaps no one will so in many years, making three interceptions in a Super Bowl.

-The initial kickoff return for a touchdown in any Super Bowl game, Devin Hester completed this feat in Super Bowl XLI, no one has been close to breaking this record.

– The Washington Redskins scored the most points in one half during the Super Bowl XXII against the Broncos, 35 points in 30 minutes, five touchdowns, the most impressive is that the record is not just by the half, but also by quarter, Washington scored 35 points in less than 15 minutes in that game.

-The New England Patriots were destroyed in the Super Bowl XX by the Chicago Bears in the game, the Patriots managed something that no one has been able in 49 years, the fewest rushing yards in a game with a total of seven.

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