My Sports Office (MSO) Review

My Sports OfficeIn this review we will take a look at, another pay per head service located in Costa Rica. These guys make a great first impression with a slick website design that even features an animated, talking female presenter. All of their services are neatly laid out in an easy to read menu. The sections are well written and it is easy to see that a lot of effort was put into it.

When we called My Sports Office with our standard barrage of questions for new clients our good feeling quickly started to fade. The first time we called there was no one home; the phone rang for awhile until we were disconnected. A little while later our call was answered but there was some confusion when they answered the phone “EZ Street Sports”. The clerk corrected them self and said yes indeed we had reached My Sports Office but no one was there to take our call and asked us to call back later on. In the mean time we decided to do some digging over at the forums and see if anyone had posted their experiences with MSO and what we found was shocking.

MySportsOffice uses the catch phrase; integrity, security and confidentiality but we saw literally thousands of statements to the contrary., and are all one in the same company working out of the same office. EZ Street Sports is a post up sportsbook that is accused of stealing $50,000 from a casino player. They threatened the player in question and other critics with statements like “We’ll send someone to your house…” This incident brought down some severe criticism of My Sports Office owners from apparent former clients making claims about theft and lying.

We understand that every business is going to take some criticism once in awhile from disgruntled people and try to factor that into our reviews. However, we have never seen such negative feedback against any PPH company as we saw against My Sports Office. With so many other options out there it is not worth the risk of getting involved with this dubious organization.

My Sports Office

Pricing: (2/5)
Security: (1/5)
Software: (3/5)
Support: (1/5)
Personnel: (1/5)
Redundancy: (2/5)
Website: (3/5)
Overall: (2/5)
Contact MySportsOffice
Contact #: 866-402-8827
Live Help: YES
MySportsOffice Details:
Location : Costa Rica
Website URL:
Date Established: 2008
License: Federally licensed in Costa Rica

  • Sportsbook Software: DGS
  • Casino Software: DGS
  • Racebook Software: DGS
  • Mobile Application: None
Per Head Pricing

  • Internet: $25
  • Telephone: $22
  • Casino: $5
  • Racebook: FREE
  • Poker: Not Available
  • Mobile Betting: None
Current Promotions

  • Up to 1 Weeks FREE
  • FREE Customized Website
  • Refer a friend 1 Week FREE
  • 1 FREE Month @ Sports Options

Strengths: We were able to determine that they do use top rated DGS gaming software.

Weaknesses: Too many to count. Besides the controversy and rumors of stealing players and money they seem to have severe internal problems as well. Their claims of being in the pay per head business offshore for over 30 years are hard to believe. They don’t seem to be capable of holding on to any of their staff or management for any length of time and are gaining a reputation as one of the worse places to work in the sports betting industry. There have been numerous complaints about sloppy line management, lines going up late and hanging bad numbers, not to mention a limited wagering menu.

Conclusion: Bottom line is that where there’s smoke there’s fire, and MSO looks like the Towering Inferno. Even without the complaints against them they are mixing post up and PPH which is a big no-no in our book. There is no sense in risking your business with these guys. Do not walk but run away from My Sports Office.

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