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IDSCA Price Per Head ServicesThis week we review another Pay Per Head company located in Costa Rica, This group has been around since 2002 and it looks like they’ve been doing some renovations since we last visited their site as we were re-directed to a new domain Their new site was impressive and boasted some excellent graphics and design work. They have ditched their former layout in favor of a stripped down, simplified version which we found very appealing. Navigating through the pages from section to section was easy and offered plenty of good information laid out in a simple to understand bullet point format.

When we called their offices things got off to a bit of a shaky start with an inexperienced rep that was very guarded about giving us any information. As usual we called in as a prospective client who wanted to open an account and were repeatedly put on hold will he got the answers to the most basic questions like “how many games does your casino have?”. We don’t want to write off the whole organization because of 1 rookie clerk but we were amazed by his lack of enthusiasm towards a new client.

Moving on, we were able to confirm that despite the new name and look this was the same IDSCA group that we have looked at before and that’s a good thing. IDS CA has been writing bets for bookies for 10 years now and offer all the standard tools that have come to be expected from a pay per head company. They have demonstrated that they have a competent wagering department that will deal sharp numbers and help bookies with risk management. They use ASI betting software for their sports and BLR for horse racing which, although not the best software; it is adequate for most bookmaking needs.

The casino also runs on BLR software which we haven’t fully tested for RNG fairness but based on their reputation and lack of any reports of unethical practices we don’t think you need to worry about letting your casino players fire away.

Idsca Price Per Head

Pricing: (3/5)
Security: (5/5)
Software: (2/5)
Support: (4/5)
Personnel: (4/5)
Redundancy: (5/5)
Website: (3.5/5)
Overall: (4/5)
Contact IDSCA
Contact #: 866-225-5437
E-mail: N/A
Live Help: YES
IDSCA Details:
Location : Costa Rica
Website URL:
Date Established: 2001
License: Federally licensed in Costa Rica

  • Sportsbook Software: ASI
  • Casino Software: BLR
  • Racebook Software: BLR
  • Mobile Application: I-Play
Per Head Pricing

  • Internet: $23
  • Telephone: $23
  • Casino: FREE
  • Racebook: FREE
  • Poker: Not Available
  • Mobile Betting: FREE
Current Promotions

  • Up to 1 Week FREE
  • Free Customized Website
  • FREE Unique 800 #
  • Refer A Friend Program

Strengths: There is a lot to like about this company. Full product offering with Sports, Casino and Horses, mobile betting, fully staffed call center with a competent group of line managers, free custom built websites and bonuses like one free week and referral bonuses.

Weaknesses: There is never an excuse for bad customer service, the rep we spoke to on the phone definitely needs more training before he should be allowed to handle calls. There weekly rate, set at $23, is on the high side of the industry average. We were able to confirm through reliable sources that one of the principle owners of IDSCA has come under indictment from the justice department in the US. This is cause for concern and may explain the recent changes they have made to their website. Bookmakers use offshore pay per head services to avoid legal issues, not to get caught up with them. No matter how good they might be this will make some clients think twice about signing up.

Conclusion: is a good product for any bookie looking for Pay Per Head service. They have all the basics covered to give you what you need to grow your business and be profitable. If the recent changes they have made are due to their pending legal issues then that should be viewed as a step in the right direction for prospective new customers.

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