Be An Offshore Bookie Review

Be An Offshore BookieBeAnOffshoreBookie opened their doors for business in 2007 and really haven’t changed much over the past 5 years. They have the look and feel of many of the knock off, pay per head companies that popped up out of the wood work a few years ago. The difference with is that they’re still around where many others have since closed their doors.

The secret to their resilience could be the simple fact that they keep their offerings pretty basic. They use DGS sportsbook software which is a big perk for prospective clients. They can give you the standard sports betting lines, horse racing and a limited online casino with about 25-30 games in it. If you’re just getting started out as a bookie or only have a small package of players then they have everything you need to offer standard betting options for your players as long as you aren’t too demanding.

Veteran bookmakers with larger player packages or bookies who want to offer the full gambit of wager types to their clients will probably want to look elsewhere. Be an offshore bookie has all the indicators of a company that is trying to cash in on a trend in the offshore gaming industry but doesn’t really have the skill to provide the best service.

When we contacted their offices we had a hard time trying to talk to someone who was in charge and could answer basic questions for opening a new account. This is not what you want in a pay per head service, especially one that charges a flat rate of $22 per head regardless of how many players you have. Beanoffshorebookie is a little lax in their management and you don’t want to trust your business to a place if the inmates are running the asylum.

Be An Offshore Bookie

Pricing: (2/5)
Security: (1/5)
Software: (3/5)
Support: (1/5)
Personnel: (1/5)
Redundancy: (1/5)
Website: (1/5)
Overall: (2/5)
Contact BeAnOffshoreBookie
Contact #: 866-228-2598
Live Help: NO
Be An Offshore Bookie Details:
Location : Costa Rica
Website URL:
Date Established: 2007
License: Federally licensed in Costa Rica

  • Sportsbook Software: DGS
  • Casino Software: DGS
  • Racebook Software: DGS
  • Mobile Application: None
Per Head Pricing

  • Internet: $22
  • Telephone: $22
  • Casino: 1%
  • Racebook: FREE
  • Poker: Not Available
  • Mobile Betting: None
Current Promotions

  • None

Strengths: They have all the basics covered for small time bookmaking and they use DGS software which is the best gaming platform in the industry.

Weaknesses: They have a general weakness in their operation which doesn’t generate a lot of confidence to manage a player package. The importance of experienced personnel, behind the scenes running the show cannot be overstated and Be An Offshore Bookie comes up short in this department.

Conclusion: Our overall impression of is that they haven’t gained enough experience or maybe they just lack the motivation to present themselves as a truly professional organization that you can count on to maximize your profits. Their price is high, their service is mediocre and there are just too many other, high quality shops out there to want to use them.

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