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ABC Per HeadABC Per Head is a fairly recent newcomer to the pay per head game but the principles involved in its setup have actually been around offshore gaming for almost 20 years. Back in 2009 the Jazz family of sportsbooks decided to move into the rapidly growing PPH industry amidst much speculation concerning their financial status.

In their heyday, Jazz was one of the biggest, most respected sports betting operations in Costa Rica. Although they have never been big on bells and whistles and their website was very basic, they never shied away from the action. They once booked a million dollar bet on the super bowl from a single gambler. Maybe they booked one big bet too many, or maybe pressure from the US government on offshore post up books started to take its toll. For whatever reason their fortunes started declining and they significantly scaled back their operations in an attempt to re-group.

ABCPerHead quickly became a flagship for the group and so far has built up a reputation for offering reliable bookmaking service. There is no doubt that they have a qualified staff of line managers to keep an eye on your business and your players. However, we are reluctant to recommend any PPH company that has such open ties to a standard post up sportsbook. At this moment they are associated with the following brands:,,, Looselines,,, and

ABC Per Head

Pricing: (3/5)
Security: (3/5)
Software: (2/5)
Support: (3/5)
Personnel: (4/5)
Redundancy: (3/5)
Website: (3/5)
Overall: (3/5)
Contact ABCPerHead
Contact #: 866-402-8827
Live Help: NO
ABC Per Head Details: Location : Costa Rica Website URL:
Date Established: 2008
License: Federally licensed in Costa Rica

  • Sportsbook Software: DGS
  • Casino Software: DGS
  • Racebook Software: DGS
  • Mobile Application: DGS
Per Head Pricing

  • Internet: $18
  • Telephone: $22
  • Casino: 5%
  • Racebook: FREE
  • Poker: Not Available
  • Mobile Betting: FREE
Current Promotions

  • Up to 1 Weeks FREE
  • FREE Bet Ticker

Strengths: offers the full gambit of Sports, Horse Racing and Online Casino. They use DGS software for all their products which we fully endorse as an excellent product for any sized bookie package. They have a solid core group of knowledgeable and experienced managers who know the business inside and out. They also offer mobile betting which your players will love.

Weaknesses: Their price is in line with industry standards, albeit slightly on the high side when you consider a 5% royalty on casino losses, and they don’t seem to like to negotiate.  They will build you your own customized website which is great but they will charge you $40 per month as a service fee. They come across as a bit “nickel and dime” as they are charging for things that other sites do for free.

Conclusion: There is no question that ABC Per Head has all the experience and tools that a bookie could want in a pay per head service. The one big question remains; will they be able to revive themselves as a leader in the industry or will they quietly fade away into obscurity. The jury is still out on

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