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5 Dimes Sportsbook

5 Dimes is located in San Jose, Costa Rica and has been around for quite a few years. However, pay per head bookmaking is definitely a low priority for this company as they are almost completely focused on the post up, or direct player deposit, aspect of their business. Catering to bookies is more or less an afterthought for them and they’ve only been doing it for about 4 years.

It was very difficult to get in touch with anyone in their pay per head division who could answer questions about getting started. We have long held to the belief that it is never in a bookies best interest to open an account with an office that is profiting directly from player wagering activity as this creates a conflict of interest. Many bookies have reported losing some of their biggest players to this kind of operation.

Each time we contacted 5dimes.com we were unimpressed with their customer service personnel. Although there is no doubt that 5dimes is one of the biggest sportsbook operations in Costa Rica there business model is simply not suited to PPH bookies.

We cannot in good conscience recommend that you choose 5 dimes as your pay per head service provider

5 Dimes Sportsbook

Pricing: (1/5)
Security: (3/5)
Software: (2/5)
Support: (1/5)
Personnel: (2/5)
Redundancy: (4/5)
Website: (1/5)
Overall: (2/5)
Contact 5Dimes
Contact #: 800-258-7192
E-mail: Info@5dimes.com
Live Help: YES
5 Dimes Details:
Location : Costa Rica
Website URL: www.5dimes.com
Date Established: 1991
License: Federally licensed in Costa Rica

  • Sportsbook Software: ASI
  • Casino Software: X-Tech
  • Racebook Software: Proprietary
  • Mobile Application: Proprietary
Per Head Pricing

  • Internet: $30
  • Telephone: $50
  • Casino: Up to 20%
  • Racebook: $50
  • Poker: Not Available
  • Mobile Betting: Sports Only
Current Promotions

  • NONE

Strengths: 5 Dimes has a good reputation as a financially stable sports betting operation and claims to have established their business in 1991.

Weaknesses: 5 Dimes is weak in every meaningful rating category. Their pay per head pricing schedule is very high and is nowhere near the industry average. 5 Dimes charges bookies an additional10% to 20% commission on player net losses in the casino, as well as a $50 per player charge for their Horse Racebook. They have no current promos to attract new bookies and they request a mandatory $1000 upfront deposit to get started as a pay per head agent. Their mobile betting is for sports only and they offer no per head poker solution. The only thing they really have going for them is redundancy but not only is it tough to get decent customer service, their high profile makes them a target for homeland security which has shut down many similar post up sportsbook websites.

Conclusion: Our advice is bookmakers should never put their players in with a pay per head shop that also has a post up division which is indeed the case with 5 Dimes. After speaking to 5 Dimes personal we’ve come to the conclusion that their main focus is on the post up end of their business, period.  Although they do offer pay per head solutions they have completely priced themselves out of the market. Take our advice & take a pass!

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