Host PPH Review

Host Pay Per HeadHost PPH is located in San Jose, Costa Rica and for over 10 years has specialized in providing bookies, worldwide, with a premium pay per head service option. With over a decade of online gaming, sportsbook management and pay per head expertise to draw from, choosing can quickly elevate your local bookmaking operation into a full blown, full service Las Vegas Style Sportsbook, Horsebook & Casino!

Our experience has been that as a pay per head agent you & your players will receive a superior level of service unmatched in today’s offshore cost per head industry. Continue Reading →

Oddswriter Review

OddsWriter Price Per is a pay per head company that will soon become a household name in bookmaking circles around the globe. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, they are renowned for offering a level of service that is seldom found in the PPH Business. For many years they kept a low profile in the offshore gaming industry and catered almost exclusively to a select clientele. In recent years however, they have opened their doors to the public and now accept any agent that is looking for a reliable service to write their action. Continue Reading →

Be An Offshore Bookie Review

Be An Offshore BookieBeAnOffshoreBookie opened their doors for business in 2007 and really haven’t changed much over the past 5 years. They have the look and feel of many of the knock off, pay per head companies that popped up out of the wood work a few years ago. The difference with is that they’re still around where many others have since closed their doors.

The secret to their resilience could be the simple fact that they keep their offerings pretty basic. They use DGS sportsbook software which is a big perk for prospective clients. Continue Reading →

ABC Per Head Review

ABC Per HeadABC Per Head is a fairly recent newcomer to the pay per head game but the principles involved in its setup have actually been around offshore gaming for almost 20 years. Back in 2009 the Jazz family of sportsbooks decided to move into the rapidly growing PPH industry amidst much speculation concerning their financial status.

In their heyday, Jazz was one of the biggest, most respected sports betting operations in Costa Rica. Although they have never been big on bells and whistles and their website was very basic, they never shied away from the action. They once booked a million dollar bet on the super bowl from a single gambler. Continue Reading →

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