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$5 Per Head, Are You Friggin’ Kidding Me?

“If it seems too good to be true, it most probably is”. The power of advertising being what it is, some bookies are actually falling for this misrepresentation and signing up for a $5 service thinking that they will save money.  What actually ends up happening, in the majority of cases, is that the bookie ends up losing money… as well as losing players and losing face.

The fees that a bookmaker pays to work with a pay per head service reflect the level of concern and respect that the bookie has for his players. Bookmakers who put up a cheap site with a company that provides only minimal service will soon learn that their players are actually seeking the highest quality available.  If you don’t provide it… someone else will. Continue Reading →

“Tark The Shark” Finally Makes The Hall Of Fame At 82

Tark The SharkFinally, the controversial head coach of UNLV and the father of the “Runnin’ Rebels” has been elected to the basketball Hall of Fame at the age of 82. Jerry Tarkanian had one of the most colorful careers of any head coach in NCAA history and was almost constantly at odds with the Commissioner’s office for most of it.

He coached at Long Beach State, UNLV (the University of Nevada at Las Vegas) and Fresno State.  Tarkanian led UNLV to the national title in 1990.  His “Runnin’ Rebels”, a nickname that Tark himself is credited with coming up with, also made three other trips to the Final Four in 1977, 1987 and 1991.

Overall, while at the three schools, his career record stands at 729 wins as opposed to only 201 losses. Over the course of Tark’s career, the NCAA has vacated 49 games played while he coached at Fresno State and another 6 from when he was at Long Beach State. Continue Reading →

Matt Flynn Becomes a Raider

Matt FlynnIn 2008 Matt Flynn quarterbacked the LSU Tigers to national championship and was named Offensive MVP.  Matt went on to Green Bay to backup Aaron Rodgers with the Packers from 2008-2011. He did not get a whole lot of playing time with the Packers but, when he did play, he did so very well indeed.  Matt Flynn actually holds the Green Bay record for most passing yards in a game with 480 yards and the most touchdowns scored in one game with six.  Not bad for the backup guy.

But Matt wanted to start, however with Aaron Rodgers being Aaron Rodgers, Flynn was spending way too much time on the bench watching other guys score touchdowns. So, Flynn got himself traded to the Seattle Seahawks looking to start anew in the great northwest. Then along came a kid named Russell Wilson… and you already know how that came out. Continue Reading →

Major League Chef

Brian PolcynWe all love watching those 300 pound linemen go at it on the gridiron on Sunday afternoons.  Did you ever wonder what those guys eat? I mean, who feeds these beomyths?  Imagine them there, sitting at a table in the players dinning room and you start to figure… six big guys… over 300 pounds each… that’s over a ton of beef sitting there waiting to be fed. There had better be a large, well stocked kitchen back there somewhere and a staff that knows how to put on a feast suitable for Henry the Eighth and his entire court… three or four times a day.

A good Chef with a lot of hard working helpers is just what those major league sluggers need to get the stamina to pound out over 200 hits a year? Or how that All Star pitcher gets a little extra bite on his breaking ball night after night?  Or maybe how some of these older players manage to make that great catch in the outfield at 39 years old? Continue Reading →

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