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Sam Gordon Superstar At 9

Sam GordonWhat famous American football player has 35 touchdowns this year and also 65 tackles?  Wait a minute, 35TDs & 65 tackles?  No one could really do that in one football season, right?  Well, don’t tell 9 year old Sam Gordon from Utah. Sam has 232 rushing attempts for 1,911 yards.  That is 8.2 yards per carry!  Did I mention that Sam is only 9 years old?  Oh yea, and by the way, she is a girl playing in an all boys tackle football league!

Sam Gordon has become an Internet sensation of  late with highlight footage of her games being shown on YouTube.  When I watched the film clip my first reaction was that it was funny, then it was cute but then, Holy Cow! look at this little girl run and run and run.  She is amazing.  She is wonderful and there has never been anything like her.  It seems strange to even be talking about a little girl playing in an all boys tackle football league, but there she is and she is a national sensation.  Up until now no gal has come along with Sam’s’ degree of physicality and fearless nature. Continue Reading →

Grin & Bear It!

Chicago BearsNo one expected the Chicago Bears to be leading the NFC North at this point in the season.  The Bears are 7-1, losing only to Green Bay early on, and are now riding a six game winning streak.  Bears fans have long been known as loyal bordering on fanatical so, when the game was within easy driving distance they loaded up for a road trip and headed to Nashville to watch their team take on the Titans.  Well, the Bears blew out the Titans 52-20. In keeping with a long standing Chicago tradition, the traveling Bear fans then proceeded to try to drink up all of the beer in Nashville.  Bears head coach Lovie Smith marveled at the number of fans who made the trip south for Sunday’s win. He called LP Field in Nashville “Soldier Field South” due to the large contingent of Bears fans.

Estimations had the number of blue and orange-clad Bears fans in the stands at more than 50 percent. Continue Reading →

BCS Bowl Projections

BCS PredictionsAs the season gets down to the really big games in NCAA football there is much speculation as to which school will go to which bowl game.  OK, with just over a month to go, here is a quick look at how the BCS bowls might look if the season ended today.

The one and only game that everyone seems to agree on is the BCS title game which will be played in Miami on January 7, 2013.  The unanimous choices are, of course, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks. If this comes off as predicted, we will see the No. 1 scoring defense against the No. 1 scoring offense in the nation.  Fasten your seatbelts and hold on!  It will be a barnburner classic. Continue Reading →

Could This be the Year The Superbowl is Replaced By The Manning Bowl?

Peyton Manning ComebackIt has been talked about in the past by both bettors and sports bookies as far back as when Peyton manning was with the Colts but it never came to be. But this year we might actually have a legitimate chance to have a front row seat to witness brother versus brother in the Manning bowl!

Half way through the 2012 NFL season Peyton Manning seems to have his Denver Broncos clicking on all cylinders. At 4 & 3 and currently in 1st place within the AFC West the Broncos won the last two games in dramatic fashion.  Peyton put on clinic with a recording breaking performance with an exciting come from behind win over the San Diego Chargers who were leading at half time 24-0. Continue Reading →

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