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Summer’s Most Intriguing Pro Football Prop Wagers

NFLIt’s only the first week in August and already pro football bettors are chomping at the bit for another exciting NFL season to begin. While some players might be a bit hesitant about wagering on pre-season games, the intriguing props being offered this summer by some of the big Las Vegas books are most alluring.

Much has been written about how the top quarter backs will perform in the 2013-2014 football season. Is that one getting too old….is this on still too young….is this guy ever going to live up to the hype? It goes on every pre-season and is perennially one of the most popular summer props with NFL bettors.

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rogers has proven himself to be one of the brightest and most durable quarterbacks in the league today and the Packers have rewarded him justly with a new contract paying him over $20 million annually for his services. Last year Rogers completed 39 passes for touchdowns after throwing for 45 TD’s back in 2011.

The books have Aaron Rogers involved with at least 8 different QB vs. QB matchups for next year and most are already drawing action.  Top choices include Rogers as 3.5 TD favorite over Tom Brady, 1.5 favorite over Drew Brees and 7.5 TD favorite over Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

When the Buffalo Bills made E.J. Manuel the first quarterback to be chosen in the 2013 NFL Draft it came as a surprise to many.  However, Manuel seems well on his way to winning the Bills QB position over Kevin Kolb and becoming a major role player in football at Buffalo for some time to come.

The former Florida State University star started out at +1200 to become the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.  In the week’s preceding the kickoff of pre-season play, that number has moved all the way down to +600 as reports from training camp continue to be very positive on E. J. Manuel.

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings was an inspiration to us all last year making his incredible comeback after the apparently devastating knee injury he suffered on national TV the year before.  He managed to rack up 2,097 yards last year but this season the bar is set a bit lower for Peterson at 1,750 Total Rushing Yards for the season.  So far over 80% of the wagers on this prop have been on the over.

Houston Texans Drawing Good Money In Vegas Books

Houston TexansBack not long ago it was the Indianapolis Colts, with Peyton Manning at the helm, topping the AFC South with the lowly Houston Texans trying to climb out of the cellar.  The upcoming NFL season is most likely to see the Texans on the rise if the oddsmakers are making the correct calls.

Houston is a strong, tough team in the image of their great defensive end J.J. Watt.  They play rough and tumble football and take on all comers head-on. The only serious competition that the Texans are likely to be facing next season for the AFC South title comes in the form of Andrew Luck and the Colts.  Some handicappers are predicting a ‘sophomore slump’ for Luck in his second full season in the NFL but still others are saying ‘don’t count on it’. Continue Reading →

The Ins & Outs Of Today’s Bookie Business

Bookies In and OutsIf you are a local bookmaker who has been doing business the ‘old fashioned way’ for years now, you are probably starting to realize that the world out there is changing at a rapid pace.  If you can’t keep up with the changes, it could cost you a lot of money or perhaps even your business.

A helping hand is available in the form of the PPH Services which has been hosting sites for professional bookmakers for years now.  As a matter of fact, that’s all that they do down at Costa Rica… no sportsbook, no handicappers… just the very best bookie services available in the industry today. Continue Reading →

Keeping A Low Profile By Using A Good PPH Service

A Low Profile Equals Safe ZoneBeing a successful bookmaker in these modern times can be a matter of walking a tight line between anonymity and visability. Some visibility is obviously necessary since bookmaking, after all, is a social occupation but there are a few ways to fly under the radar and insulate yourself to some extent from potential trouble.

The federal government continues to disapprove of wagering on sports but enforcement either by state or federal officials is spotty, to say the least. Some bookies have been operating out of the same sports bar for years without any hint of a problem.

Fortunately for bookmakers, a service has evolved over the past 12 years that caters just to professional bookies.  Continue Reading →

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