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Bookmakers Cash in on Playoff Fever

Betting on NBA PlayoffsA lot of bookies report that their players are not betting on the NBA playoffs or the NHL playoffs. This is a huge issue, because both of these events are big moneymakers for bookmakers and it’s unfortunate that so many of them are missing out on this additional source of income. The bottom line is if your players are watching these games then they need to be betting on them. This can take some encouragement and coaxing on your part but if you are diligent about it, then you can usually get your players to place bets. You don’t have to get down on your knees and beg them to give you action, simply point out how much more exciting the games are when there’s money on them. Get them interested, don’t shove betting down their throats or make them feel like you are forcing them to bet. Keep in mind, too, that it’s your responsibility to have a good cost per head service that will allow for betting on multiple sports. Continue Reading →

Internet Privacy: What Every Bookie Needs To Know (Must Read!)

Internet Privacy For BookiesProtecting your privacy in today’s fast paced world of technology should be of a primary importance to you especially if you are a bookie. It seems like every day we hear news reports about how companies are changing their privacy policies and government agencies enact new laws that seem to want to strip the average citizen of their privacy when they go online. To help you stay under the radar we have put together a few suggestions on things to be aware of when you are conducting your bookie business.

Google: Google recently combined the various privacy policies of all of their products into one. They have openly stated that if you have a Google account, Gmail, Android, Youtube or use any of their other services, you will be tracked. Their stated goal is to be able to develop a system that will respond to your search requests based on your previous searches and internet surfing habits. They will essentially build a file on the name associated with the user account for every website you visit while logged in. To disassociate yourself from online searches one simple action is to Continue Reading →

Superior Betting Software Equals Sharp Betting Lines

Gaming Software Sharp LinesA lot of bookies think that their success with a PPH agency is all about the betting software that is offered to them. While having the most up to date gambling software is certainly important and indeed can be a determiner of success, or a lack of success, there is something even more important than just having the right software in place. That something is having a good, knowledgeable line management team that knows how to use that software properly and in such a way that your profits will always be maximized. If you don’t have both the good software and the team to use it, then you can’t get the most out of either. Continue Reading →

Ask for a Free Demo of Pay Per Head Service

Free PPH DemoJust as you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, you shouldn’t commit to a pay per head agency without experiencing a demo of pay per head services offered by the agency. Usually, these demos come in the form of a test login. You will be given a username and password that will allow you to sign into the service and to use its software. In most cases, the login will expire after a set amount of time. Before it expires, though, you should have full access to the service, just as if you were a real customer.

When you do have access to a pay per head demo, make sure you take full advantage of it. Try out anything and everything that you can with the demo. Continue Reading →

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