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Will the Cubs Ever Win Another World Series?

Chicago Cubs World SeriesAs mind boggling as it sounds, it has been 103 years since the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series title. Just as astonishing it has been 66 years since they even made it to the championship game. Although the Cubs have had a strong decade, making it to the post season 3 times since 2003 which all ended in disappointment, that accounts for 50% their playoff appearances since 1945. The facts defy reality, it has not been through lack of trying that the Cubbies have failed year in and year out. They have one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball and routinely make bids on star players to bolster their roster. It seems like the Chicago Cubs are cursed but how? Is it the goat incident from 100 years ago? Did they build Wrigley Field on an Indian graveyard? Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant: All by Myself!

Kobe BryantThe L.A. Lakers have been so good over the past 10 years that most NBA fans don’t realize that they are about to enter one of their notorious, prolonged, hiatuses from the league. As the star power that has driven the team slowly fades away you realize that Kobe Bryant is essentially all by himself. Once Kobe leaves the team the Lakers will again vanish from the public psyche as they have so many times in the past. Continue Reading →

The Fix is In!

The Fix Is InA lot of people wrongly believe that bookmakers and, indeed, the entire business of bookmaking is something new.  The truth is, however, that the bookie has always had a place in the society of mankind. Even in Roman times they were booking action on the gladiators who fought to the death in the Coliseum. Just as there has always been a bookie wherever man pits himself against his fellow man, so there has always been those who try to cheat the odds by fixing the match. In fact, there are quite a few modern day conspiracies that have many people believing the fix is still in! Here’s a quick look at just a few: Continue Reading →

Tips on Picking the Best Betting Software for your Bookmaking Business

Price Per Head 101 TipsAs a bookmaker, making the decision to move your players to an offshore pay per head office is one of the most important business decisions you will make. We all know that being a bookie is a daily grind that requires extemporary record keeping and organizational skills. One of the main reasons that you have finally decided to take the plunge offshore is that the overwhelming task of keeping all your players balances, bets, wins and losses is becoming a nightmare.

It all comes down to software, specifically bookie software which is custom made to provide you with reliable player management reports that will keep you on top of all your players gambling activity. The gaming software solutions that are available are essentially glorified accounting programs, however, with one important consideration, the source of the information is legal. Continue Reading →

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