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What is Pay Per Head?

What is Pay Per HeadMore and more people involved in the betting industry are asking the question, “What is pay per head?”  and are wondering how pay per head works, as these services seem to be popping up all over the place lately. The easiest way to describe a per head agency is as a sports betting service for bookmakers which allows them to outsource the wagering activities of their clients.

With so many to choose from it is important to know the good ones from the bad. Good sportsbook services work by allowing private bookies to grant their players access to a sportsbook located in an area where betting is legal, such as in Costa Rica. Services that work in such a way are actually professional data processing services, more than they are mere sportsboo Continue Reading →

Do Female Poker Players Have an Edge over Men?

Female Poker PlayerThere are a lot of people in the world today who claim that men and women are exactly the same and can do everything equally. While that might be the case in many circumstances, research shows that it is not true in the world of poker. Believe it or not, female poker players have shown, time and time again, to have quite the advantage over their male counterparts. In fact, women probably could have taken over the game of poker long ago if more of them were willing to step up and try their hand at the game. Continue Reading →

Mobile Betting Puts a Sportsbook in Your Pocket

Mobile Betting SportsbookTwenty years ago, getting your bets in on the game was a time consuming and labor intensive business. After doing all your homework and handicapping from whatever news source you had available you would call your bookie and, after a final check on the lines, gave him your plays. Now provided you had a good phone connection, the clerk wrote down your picks on a slip of paper and added it to the pile. An archaic and chaotic process to say the least. Thank goodness that those days are long gone. In today’s increasingly technological world, we have more ways to bet than ever, and each one is more convenient than the last. From mobile betting, which with the aid of mobile betting software, literally turns your phone into a sportsbook, to Continue Reading →

Will the Cubs Ever Win Another World Series?

Chicago Cubs World SeriesAs mind boggling as it sounds, it has been 103 years since the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series title. Just as astonishing it has been 66 years since they even made it to the championship game. Although the Cubs have had a strong decade, making it to the post season 3 times since 2003 which all ended in disappointment, that accounts for 50% their playoff appearances since 1945. The facts defy reality, it has not been through lack of trying that the Cubbies have failed year in and year out. They have one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball and routinely make bids on star players to bolster their roster. It seems like the Chicago Cubs are cursed but how? Is it the goat incident from 100 years ago? Did they build Wrigley Field on an Indian graveyard? Continue Reading →

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