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Price Per Head Companies Offer Bookie Bonuses

Bookie BonusesWith so many price per head services in existence these days, the competition for clients is truly fierce. In order to try and stand out above the rest, many price per head agencies are choosing to offer special bonus offers in the hopes of enticing new clients. These often come in the form of specialty bookie services or just little extras. Let’s take a look at what different price per head companies are offering to their clients as of late.

One of the most common bonuses you’ll see is a number of free weeks of service. Clients are asked to sign up for a service, inputting all of their player user names and passwords along with their own master login and wager restrictions. When the agent is set up and active they will receive anywhere Continue Reading →

Freddie Roach: The Man Behind the Champions

Freddie RoachThe man that many of us know as Freddie Roach was actually born Frederick Steven Roach back in 1960. It would be many years before he rose to semi-fame as a professional boxer, and many more years before he really made his mark as a fine boxing trainer. He really did find his true calling with this job, and has been rewarded and celebrated for his work multiple times. Most notably, Roach was named Trainer of the Year five times, with the last time being in 2010, by the Boxing Writers Association of America. Right now, Roach is busy training several current boxing greats, including Georges St. Pierre, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Jose Benavidez, Peter Quillin, and Vanes Martirosyan. Continue Reading →

Betting Software: Live Lines and Odds

Betting Lines and OddsMost people working in the gambling industry know that all bookies need to be hooked up with a good pay per head service. The main reason for this is so that the bookies will have access to state of the art bookie software that makes their lives a whole lot easier. This software not only enables their players to play the games they love, and to hopefully lose money doing it, but it also allows bookies to view and track live lines, to pay attention to betting odds and sharp lines, and to take note of how clients are engaging in mobile betting and other forms of wagering and placing bets. In other words, this software puts the bookie in complete and total control. Continue Reading →

Becoming a Bookie can be a Lucrative Career Choice

Becoming a BookieWe are living in some very troubled and very difficult economic times, times where many people, if they are lucky enough to have a job, are experiencing reductions in their hours or even pay. Some are losing their jobs altogether, and others are struggling to find any kind of job at all, even if it means being willing to accept a position well below their qualification level. If this describes you or you fear it could describe you in the near future, then you might want to consider being a bookie. This is a lucrative career for which there is always a demand, and thanks to modern technologies and services, the work is so simple that absolutely anyone can do it. Continue Reading →

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