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Superior Betting Software Equals Sharp Betting Lines

Gaming Software Sharp LinesA lot of bookies think that their success with a PPH agency is all about the betting software that is offered to them. While having the most up to date gambling software is certainly important and indeed can be a determiner of success, or a lack of success, there is something even more important than just having the right software in place. That something is having a good, knowledgeable line management team that knows how to use that software properly and in such a way that your profits will always be maximized. If you don’t have both the good software and the team to use it, then you can’t get the most out of either. Continue Reading →

Ask for a Free Demo of Pay Per Head Service

Free PPH DemoJust as you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, you shouldn’t commit to a pay per head agency without experiencing a demo of pay per head services offered by the agency. Usually, these demos come in the form of a test login. You will be given a username and password that will allow you to sign into the service and to use its software. In most cases, the login will expire after a set amount of time. Before it expires, though, you should have full access to the service, just as if you were a real customer.

When you do have access to a pay per head demo, make sure you take full advantage of it. Try out anything and everything that you can with the demo. Continue Reading →

Cam Newton Rookie Season Lives up to the Hype

Cam NewtonWhen Cam Newton first appeared on the NFL scene, there were a lot of questions. Who was this hotshot QB in Carolina? Cam Newton career knowledge wasn’t something that most fans had a lot of, even though this player actually had quite a long journey to the top. In fact, he began his sports journey at Westlake High School, where he was a football and basketball star. Football didn’t take first seat in Cam’s life, however, until coach Dallas Allen recognized his talent and plucked him from the detested junior-varsity team. After some brief trouble due to a broken finger, Continue Reading →

Gambling Online: Bookies Embrace the Internet

Bookies Embrace The InternetModern day bookies who are not currently offering gambling online to their clients should know that they are likely in serious danger of losing those clients. In today’s world, thanks to price per head agencies, modern day bookmakers are benefitting from a wide variety of bookie services, services that make it possible for them to offer all kinds of advantages and opportunities to their clients. If you, however, haven’t stepped into the modern world and are not a part of such a service, then your clients are suffering, and it is likely only a matter of time before they take their business elsewhere.  While this might seem unfair, it is important to understand that we live in a different world today than we did a few years ago. Continue Reading →

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