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NFL Teams Benefited With New Injured Reserve Rules

New Injured Reserve RuleThis past Wednesday it was announced that the new collective bargaining agreement proposed by the NFL and NFLPA was finally approved, considerably altering the rules regarding injured reserve and shift the trade deadline to week 8 instead of week 6. This is considered a major change for competing teams looking to rise up talent from teams interested in finding fresh environments for crestfallen stars and to off-loading contracts they no longer find necessary.

This rule has been mostly accepted by the league; unfortunately the same thing can’t be said about the injured reserve rules that have also been presented this week, mostly because of their potential to change the landscape of the NFL completely. Continue Reading →

NBA Off Season Winners

NBA Offseason WinnersIf we have learnt something from the NBA is that everything changes on the league, and it changes really fast. With all this movement going on, a very different looking depth charts have taken shape, making it easier to predict the team that will lead the way to the 2012-2013 championship. So, with no further ado, here are the winners of the past offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers

This comes as no surprise to anyone. They just added one of the top point guards and the best center in the NBA. One would possibly consider this as their biggest move; however it’s also noticeable who they decided to keep around. For instance, they traded Dwight Howard without having to let go of Pau Gasol. Continue Reading →

Basic Bookmaking Tips: What is a Parlay?

NFL Teams LogosOne of the most popular types of bets among bettors is parlays. This type of bets has become so popular that most bookmaking services have started to offer them on a exclusive section. Basically, parlays are a set of individual bets combined together. They are usually made up of straight bets and totals, although they act as one single wager. The main reason why this type of bets has become popular among players is because it allows to wager on multiple events with just one parlay bet, therefore offering more chances of winning.

How does a parlay bet work?

Parlay bets are mostly used on sports, especially those that feature the standard triple digit odds numbers. Here’s an example of how a parlay would work:

Let’s say you’re interested in a 3-team parlay for the NFL, and your individual wagers are: Continue Reading →

Which Pitchers Have the Best Chance to Win 20 Games in 2012?

Pitchers With The Best Chance to Win 20 Games in 2012Major League Baseball has a lot of great pitchers—that’s certainly no secret. This is where the best of the best gather to show their stuff and to use their talent to take their teams to the top. However, some pitchers—even when you’re talking about the very best players in the nation—really take the cake when it comes to talent and skill. These are the pitchers that have the best shot at winning 20 games this season, and they are the ones we’re rooting for and putting our money on! Continue Reading →

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