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Les Miles Rumor Was A Big Bad Joke

Les MilesIf you read about it on the Internet, it must be true, right?  Wrong!

Anyone who has seen one of Les Miles’ after game press conferences knows that Les tends to get a little carried away when he is all fired up after a big game.

So, just maybe, some people were prepared to believe something scandalous about the popular LSU head coach. Those of us who have been watching Coach Miles ever since he arrived in Baton Rouge know different.  Les Miles is one of the straightest, most moral coaches in the NCAA today. Continue Reading →

Johnny Football Is Going Back To Classes

Johnny FootballJohnny Manziel is a genuine American Hero.  The Great American Success Story. Small town boy makes it big…..and did he ever.  Coming from being a complete unknown…..not even the Aggies projected number one quarterback, Manziel has captured the attention and admiration of the nation.

But, how is he dealing with all of this new found fame?  Remember please that Manziel was just a freshman last year.  He is still a young man trying to find his way in what has become a very fast paced world these days for him.

After picking up the Heisman Trophy in New York, Johnny Manziel stuck around for a bit of the talk show circuit.  His fans loved it and Johnny himself sure looked as if he was having a good time.  Continue Reading →

Odds On The Honey Badger Looking Better After Combine

Tyrann MathieuVeteran Sportscaster Verne Lundquist said of LSU bad boy Tyrann Mathieu, “He is the Honey Badger.  He takes what he wants”.   Now it appears that what he does not want anymore is to be called the Honey Badger.  The moniker was part of his mystic as he made national headlines in 2011 for his adventures both on and off the field in Baton Rouge.  Mathieu was even being considered a Heisman Trophy candidate for awhile there… as a defensive back.  That’s how good he was.

But, old habits die hard and apparently one of Tyrann’s old habits was smoking pot.  Looking back at his background and environment, it would be easy to imagine him exposed to it from an early age.  Perhaps he did not take the warnings and the drug tests seriously.  For whatever reason, he did not stop and LSU head coach Les Miles really had no other choice but to ask him to leave the team.  He did so with a heavy heart knowing that his team would be weakened by the move. Continue Reading →

Bookies Are Eagerly Watching The Chicago Blackhawks Record Setting Streak

Chicago Black HawksIn 2013 the Chicago Black Hawks are off to an amazing record breaking start to their NHL season. The Hawks are currently 14-0-3 and have yet to be defeated in regulation! They recently broke a record that was held by the 2006-2007 Anaheim Ducks by earning at least one point in their first 17 games, the Blackhawks record is currently 18 and counting!

Pay per head bookies and bettors alike that are riding both sides of the Blackhawks amazing winning streak have mixed emotions some betting that the steak will continue others betting that it won’t! Pay per head enthusiast and all around NHL Hockey guru David Rockwell says of the Blackhawks current streak” it can’t possibly continue and that NHL Hockey bettors that continue to bank on the Chicago Blackhawks will end up losing in the in end”. Die hard Chicago fans might think otherwise and would love to make Rockwell eat his words! Continue Reading →

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