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103 MPH Pitcher Hot Prospect For MLB

Jonathan GrayTwo years ago, the New York Yankees offered him a half a million dollars to drop out of college, move to New York and play for the Yankees.  He said no thank you.

Right-handed pitcher Jonathan Gray plays baseball for the University of Oklahoma.  His fast ball has been rumored to reach 103 mph!  Actually, his fast ball has been clocked at 101 mph still, not too shabby for a guy still in college.

Turning down the Yankees was probably the wisest decision that young Mr. Gray has ever made.  By staying in school, not only did he get an education but, his stock in the MLB draft has shot way up and he will be looking at a multi-million dollar contract to start off in Major League Baseball next year. Continue Reading →

Lakers Win Without Kobe

Lakers Without KobeWhen the Lakers showed up at the locker room at the Staples Center on Sunday they were greeted by a very unusual scene.  The locker belonging to Kobe Bryant stood closed and the chair in front empty.  Kobe would not be with them out there on the court to take on the second place team in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs.

The Los Angeles Lakers have one of the most talented rosters in all of basketball… and one of the deepest benches as well.  Although most of these guys are perfectly capable of playing pro level basketball, Continue Reading →

PGA Penalizes 14 Year Old Golfer At The Masters

Tianlang GuanTianlang Guan is the youngest golfer ever to play in the Masters at Augusta.  He is just 14 years old and looks even younger.  How in the world could a PGA judge be so thoughtless as to penalize a 14 year old kid for taking a little too long on a windy day at the 17th tee at Augusta?  Well, the judge in question is British. The judge’s name is John Paramor and, technically he was right.  Technically.

We are talking about a 14 year old young man in a foreign land playing in the most prestigious golfing event in the world on a windy day.  Give us a break.

In a statement the Masters said, “In keeping with the applicable rules, Guan was penalized, when he again exceeded the 40second time limit by a considerable margin.” Continue Reading →

Kobe Does It Again

Kobe BryantThe Black Mamba took three quarters of the game to uncoil itself in Staples Center on Tuesday evening, oh, but when he did finally get going,but wait a minute, haven’t we heard this story before?  Kobe Bryant seems to thrive on these kinds of intense encounters with a basketball like few others in the history of the game.

Kobe thought that he would be able to take it sort of easy during the game against the New Orleans Hornets, but the Hornets had other ideas. They came to play ball and had the Lakers on the ropes for awhile in the third quarter.  It was looking ugly for the Lakers and their playoff hopes were in very real jeopardy. Continue Reading →

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