2012 WSOP Tournament Celebrates a Proud History of Poker

2012 World Series of PokerThis year, a multitude of players and spectators will make the trek to Las Vegas for the 2012 World Series of Poker, or as it’s commonly known as, the 2012 WSOP. Sadly, most of these fans and even some participants don’t know the rich history behind this exciting tournament. It actually dates all the way back to 1970. That was when a man named Benny Binion brought together seven top poker players for a tournament. The tournament’s winner was chosen by a secret ballot, and it was held at the Horseshoe Casino. Nowadays, the tournament is actually a series of tournaments and is held in Las Vegas. It is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment. Continue Reading →

How Pay Per Head Bookies Brought Las Vegas to Costa Rica

Pay Per Head Las Vegas CasinoUsing a PPH service and having a pay per head call center available to your clients at all times is absolutely vital to your success in today’s highly competitive gambling and betting industry. You can find services all over the globe, and you’re free to choose from any one that you like. Keep in mind, however, that the very best services won’t be the ones that are located within the United States but the ones that are located overseas, especially in the beautiful and thriving land of Costa Rica. While it’s always been beautiful, Costa Rica hasn’t always been what one would call “thriving.” Continue Reading →

NHL Odds to Win Lord Stanley’s Cup

NHL OddsBelieve it or not, the regular NHL season is already coming to a quick close. As usual, the same old teams are in line to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For those not in the know, this includes Vancouver, Detroit, Pittsburg, Boston, Dallas, and Chicago. A lot of teams, however, are fighting to challenge for the cup. This lineup includes Winnipeg, Phoenix, Nashville, Florida, and Ottawa. Such a tight, anyone can win season is a great opportunity for bookies who want to get their players excited about betting on NHL odds. While hockey has long been a sport that doesn’t see a lot of betting action, this season can change all that. If you can get your players to bet once, they’re very likely to keep on doing it.

When talking about NHL odds with your players and encouraging them to bet be sure to play up the fact that there have been some spectacular upset wins and some surprise Stanley Cup contenders in recent years. Make the game and the season sound as exciting and thrilling as possible. Bookies that can do this successfully will end up generating more betting action than they ever dreamed possible on every single round. Continue Reading →

NBA Betting 2012 Playoff Predictions

NBA 2012 Playoff PredictionsBasketball bookies will be happy to know that the price per head sportsbook industry seems to have the lowdown on which teams will be participating in the 2012 NBA playoffs. Despite last year’s final series major meltdown, the Miami Heat is set to be there, as well as the Chicago Bulls, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the LA Lakers, and the San Antonio Spurs. So, if you’re reading this and you’re going to be betting on basketball or dealing with those who do, keep the names of these teams in mind. You’ll be glad you did once the post season is upon us. Continue Reading →

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