Houston Texans Drawing Good Money In Vegas Books

Houston TexansBack not long ago it was the Indianapolis Colts, with Peyton Manning at the helm, topping the AFC South with the lowly Houston Texans trying to climb out of the cellar.  The upcoming NFL season is most likely to see the Texans on the rise if the oddsmakers are making the correct calls.

Houston is a strong, tough team in the image of their great defensive end J.J. Watt.  They play rough and tumble football and take on all comers head-on. The only serious competition that the Texans are likely to be facing next season for the AFC South title comes in the form of Andrew Luck and the Colts.  Some handicappers are predicting a ‘sophomore slump’ for Luck in his second full season in the NFL but still others are saying ‘don’t count on it’. Continue Reading →

Dwight Howard Rockets To Houston, Vegas Moves Odds

Dwight Howard Moves to BostonDwight Howard’s move to Houston to play for the Rockets was met with mixed reactions all around the country.  The internet abounded with speculation about where Howard would end up for days before the decision was made and major sports books were even posting odds as to just where Dwight might end up.

On Sunday Dwight Howard’s Twitter account featured a new picture of him in a Houston Rockets uniform in the main photo. Howard wrote, “I’ve decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets.  I feel it’s the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I’m looking forward to a great season.  I want to thank the fans in Los Angeles and wish them the best.” Continue Reading →

NBA Rookie Of The Year Odds Courtesy Of The Greek

NBAAccording to the odds recently posted by the Greek, the Utah Jazz got the best deal out of the entire NBA Draft by trading with the Timberwolves and ending up with All-American point guard Trey Burke from the University of Michigan.

Burke, who was also selected as the National Player of the Year in NCAA basketball last season, is most likely to make a significant difference in the fortunes of the Jazz next year.

Anthony Bennett, the number one overall pick taken by Cleveland probably won’t make that much of a difference for the Cavs and Nerlens Noel, who was drafted by the Pelicans only to be quickly traded away to the Philadelphia 76ers is not getting the kind of attention he obviously expected at the draft ceremonies. Continue Reading →

Big Bucks Being Made On Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports WinnerA recent article in the Wall Street Journal told us how a guy named Drew Dinkmeyer has found a new way to make money. Drew has quit his day job to write for and host a radio show for the Fantistics & the My Fantasy Fix websites.  But that’s not really how to make a lot of money.  In order to do that, Mr. Dinkmeyer will be spending the greater part of his time playing fantasy sports.

Mostly Drew just plays his favorite daily fantasy which has a booming niche in a billion-dollar industry.  Dinkmeyer is one of the few…and probably just one of the first of many… who are trying their hand at making a living playing fantasy sports. Continue Reading →

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